Disclosing our future lifetime - A beginner's guide Part 2

On the surface, the degree of which we deem certain realities as impossible or "unrealistic/fictive" merely is an indicator toward the discrepancy between the reality we are currently experiencing and that other reality. In other words, our thinking mind is constantly measuring the possibility of other realities depending on how close the resemblance to the one we are currently experiencing. The starker a contrast the less likely we consider it.

Yet in a roundabout way the neglection of infinite realities with infinite expressions of life, hence the essence of all fantasy and science-fiction work, is our mind's deliberately chosen protection mechanism for this Earth experience which is focusing on making the illusion of Separation as real as possible. Most concisely, within a Universe of Separation, Earth separates itself from very same Universe, thus is a place of "double Separation"within which nearly all creations are greeted with the unconscious mindset of isolation.

Beautifully enough, our Soul knows perfectly when we are ready to kickstart “re-universalization”.

Turning the switch from “doesn’t exist” to “exists” urges us into wrapping around our entire belief system at its deepest core, inevitably confronting us with our extreme sensitivity.
From here, the motto is obvious: any dream never considered possible can become true but at first internal deconditioning and purging of fear has to take place in order to take the full responsibility for our dreams. It is only then that we successfully shift from the unconscious co-creation of realities to the conscious co-creation of realities.

The patterns evoked on Earth as a result of the Universally flowing energies’ influences go as follows: The more popular a certain fantasy and science-fiction work becomes on Earth among broader proportions of people, the higher the likelihood that a corresponding amount of Souls had past lives or will have future lives in this particular reality in the Universe, as the interest in certain themes and disinterest in others doesn’t arise out of the blue but from a Soul’s past and future history within the Time-Space continuum.

The future shapes our present as much as our past. Speaking of lifetimes, not only past lives can bleed through into our present but also future lives. It requires close discernment of our present moment as to whether interests, relationships or physical circumstances in general stem from the drag of the past or the pull of the future. All is intertwined, nothing separated, as Time and Space are both illusions which don't exist in the Quantum realm. What that means is that as soon as we leave our Human physical body we return into our Quantum energy state devoid of density, and it is here that we can navigate the whole Universe at the speed of thought without the limitations of Time and Space.

We ARE all already doing that everyday in the dream state, albeit still tethered to our density body as long as our Soul wants to learn lessons in this Earth realm, and the whole gamut of our dream experiences is a consistent storehouse of our entire past and future Soul history within the entire Time-Space continuum. The most hidden nooks and crannies of our Heart's Universal linkages are perpetually being reconnoitered within this very Quantum landscape, and whether we remember them or not, they are quintessentially explaining and most painstakingly precisely shaping our present moment experience.

The Heart is key in deciphering whether we feel the drag to the past or pull to the future!

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Such content always reminds me that Pandora, the home world depicted in the AVTAR film, was first envisioned in the dream world of the ditector of that movie, Cameron James.


There seems to be a common thread of themes spiritually awakening people start developing an interest for, among which also is Alien Disclosure. Even though Alien Disclosure IS taking place slowely but steadily on a collective level at the perfect pace, I felt the need to cast some light on this particular area by offering some new perspectives I have been constantly receiving for many years now, because as much as our Awakening leads to radical perceptual shifts, the topic around fantasy and sci-fi work goes tremendously low-key.

I have been especially inspired to write this series due to numerous articles I found on Steemit lately by spiritual people who were talking about Walt Disney movies as being mind controlling, manipulative, fictive and generally "3D Matrix creations". So I felt some balance is necessary here by saying that these Fantasy and sci-fi creations are neutral and meaningless themselves. As always, it is up to each which perspective on and relationship we share with the creation. We can also perceive these creations as mind expanding, freeing, real and the door to 5D reuniversalization. All perspectives are equally valid as we wish to experience ourselves right now.

Yet I dare to say that categorically neglecting the mere possibility of these pieces of work being real Universal stories within the infinite Universes, implies that our Soul does not want yet confront that part of Soul growth and the consequent purge of fears, hence isn't ready yet.

implies that our Soul does not want yet confront that part

I'd say the soul has always been ready, waiting for the human.

Intersting stuff.

Completely true!:)

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