We Are All Perfect, Whole and Complete

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All wounding and brokenness and trauma happens when we step away from ourselves and the wholness and completeness we ARE and take on the actions of others and circumstances around us as our identity and source of being.

We take on the lies of what these situations cause us to feel (rejected, betrayed, abandoned etc) and carry these feelings as our identity about ourselves.

Once we take on the lies that we are rejected, abandoned, hated, worthless we carry these identities and consider ourselves rejects, worthless, etc.

Healing comes when we RETURN to our true selves, our whole selves. Healing is an awakening to your true self. To recognise that what happens to you or around you is not you. It does not define you.

Your true self, the divine you is whole and intact always as it always has been and will be. No one can touch your core unless you allow yourself to carry the lies coming from outside you and OWN them.

You're not broken, you're not damaged, you are whole, complete, perfect, innocent. Thats the real you.

When things happen around you and even to you, allow them to pass through you. Feel the pain, yes, but don't own it. The feeling is not you, it will pass.

The very fact that feelings pass and fade away shows you that they are temporary.

They should never be your basis to identify yourself. Dont take on false identities, they are foreign.

What happens outside of you can never touch the completeness you already are which no one has given you and thus cant take away from you. Remember that.

Let the things that happen, happen, the feelings will come, they will hurt, let them pass through you as you hold them up to the light of the truth of who you are.

When you hold them up to light and truth they will disappear. When you hold up rejection to the truth that you are fully accepted it will disappear, when every negative feeling is held up to the truth of love, it cant stand as it has no legs to stand on being a lie.

If you feel weighed down by receiving false identities upon yourself, owning others treatment of you, believing lies thrown at you, may you awaken to this truth of your completness and wholeness.

Nothing lacking nothing broken. Return to yourself and all these lies will fall away as you release them of the false power you have given them. 💖





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Adoration for your writing @stargreen !!we all are perfect literally we should be happy with what we have! There may be ups and down in our life but we should face every hurdles or bottlenecks that comes in our life! If we are scared of failures or if we are to much engraved on failure it will lead to fiasco! Probably i believe that no one knows everything everyone knows something! So we should be happy with what we have! At last i want to appreciate again! Coz i have gone through your post and every post have certain meaning that is literally practicable in our lifestyle💕God bless you