Saving Face By Esaia M.

in #spiritual2 years ago (edited)


They say image is everything, it’s what paints the portrait that pushes us to trust that this person, place or thing means us no harm.


A real person has many faces, though we pride ourselves in showing the one we like the most. We would never capture an image of our worst moments then show it off to the world, because we think— no one wants to see that. When really it’s your insecurities that do not wish to be seen.. cuz then you’d not want but have to face what you think only you can see. But we all see it, we all feel the energy that maybe you’ve been struggling.

There’s a villain inside us all, the one that screams self-doubt and scarcity. The one that makes us scared and stressed out because the present moment seems insurmountable. Starve this villain, starve the psychic parasite that needs you to survive. When you have big dreams feed them until they become real.


Don’t be ashamed

& more importantly, embrace your pains. Nothing, no one is PERFECT.
It’s the imperfections that make life worth, experiencing.
Other people’s energy can be toxic, yes yours can be too.
Embrace your pain to release, the energy’s got to flow for us to grow.

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