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RE: Introduction of the new Fiat to SPI token monthly group buy - Accepting Paypal

in #spinvest3 years ago

For the moment I find I have put enough fiat in the steem ecosystem (of which SPI is a part) so I am not adding any more, I am focusing more on the top 20 coins for now.

What I did do was add 5 SBI to @spinvest which gives us all a bit more back in the long run. And that is why we are here


Haa, that's a great idea. Thank you very much.

Im sure in the coming weeks you will see a post from me begging people to do as you have done to build post payments. Thanks for the donation but thanks even more for the idea :)

no worries, I like SBI and it just works in the long run for both parties

lets hope some others pick it up

I have done similar. Same amount too. I did it a day or two after my first SPI purchased. You're welcome to check my wallet, if you want to verify.

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