Woah, I Almost Went A Month Without Posting!

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Off traveling the world, or just extremely last? Either way, I'm back...I guess lol

Random Thoughts Coming In Hot!

I honestly didn't think it's been three weeks since my last post, but here we are. To be honest, I've been experiencing a real disconnect from this community for a while because I realized everything wasn't what it seemed. Of course I'll always have the friendships I've developed over the last year, but everything else just seems so fake.

It seems like less of a community and more like a game where everyone see's who can finesse the system the most. I can't say that I 100% believe in the long term viability of Steemit because we seem to have delved to deep in the abyss of delegations and vote bots.

I am not by know means innocent and have taken advantage of what voting bots have to offer because it's a good alternative for obtaining the full value of our earned Steem and SBD. Games are meant to be played, but I can't justify spending so much of my precious time and energy chasing empty goals like becoming a dolphin anymore.

I love the thought of chasing financial freedom and will continue to walk that path, but I found that the best way to live my life is through balance and discipline. In two months I will begin my journey to becoming the bad ass dentist I've always dreamt of becoming and look forward to documenting my journey, but I won't be doing it to chase becoming rich. I honestly just want to share my story and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams!

I've definitely been all over the place with this post, but it's my first one in a while, so give me some leeway. The more I type to more I remember how fun it was to blog on Steemit, which is making me think that this place isn't that bad after all. Maybe it was something deeper that made me fall off, rather than some underlying flaw of the platform. Eh, that's a question for next month I suppose lol.

Until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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I guess one thing is.. even if it's more a 'game' there's a layer of realness too, like it's real blogging on top of the game, so worst case scenario having followers and history here could help if there was some different/better similar platform

I think shifting your focus to being a sick dentist is hard to argue with, and Steem is here as a little side hustle.

I feel like a big thing is on Steem you don't really have control. You can control your blogging of course, but you have no control over whether the incentives are in place to actually encourage good content to be rewarded somehow. You have no control over the success of the platform and the value of the tokens. So for someone like you.. you seem focused, determined, goal oriented.. like you go get what you want when you want it.. I could see it being sort of annoying, like you're just kind of at the mercy of the algorithm and the madness of it all and there's only so much you can do.

So seems best to focus on where you can be a wizard, and this is more see what happens.


Full! What’s good buddy!

I think you hit it straight on the nail bro! I can definitely see this as a side hustle/ method to stay connected with my frandsssss!

I can definitely see myself really falling in love with Steemit again the less I care about it, which is counter intuitive in a way but you know what I mean!

Hope you and Chris are doin well! Cooking some vegan Hamburgers today I hope!


I can definitely see myself really falling in love with Steemit again the less I care about it, which is counter intuitive in a way but you know what I mean!

Definitely makes sense! "It's the paradox that drives us on", as the Rocky song teaches us baha

Hope you and Chris are doin well! Cooking some vegan Hamburgers today I hope!

I'll tell him you say hi! He's recovering from fireball shots and won't be eating hamburgers til evening at best, lul


Lmao I didn’t wake up until 12, so I feel his pain 🤢!

And I definitly need to rewatch rocky lol Creed two is coming out soon, so I have a good reason!


oh wow, I still haven't seen Creed 1..

I signed up for Hulu Live 7-day free trial to watch the game last night.. I think Creed is on there lol.. so ball is in my court

Flagged for a 3 week absence! XD

It's true, there's a world of bad here, I'm hoping that the good that exists - along with innovation and many, many businesses being built on Steem - will kind of remedy that eventually. I know it can't altogether cancel it out...

I know you've lost heart w/ Steem and all, but... think about the corruption around Wall Street and/or BTC... I'm not making excuses HOWEVER, there's still profit to be made eventually, despite the corruption (hopefully lolz)

I'm down to posting 3x a week, and I put the blame on you 100%...

Actually, I'm sick of illustrating.

Any turkey can grab a pencil or crayons, but I REALLY need to finish Spam Rant 2.0

Okay take care (and not just caring for teeth either!)


Lmao I didn’t realize I’ve been mia for so long! I saw the date on my last post and instantly began ranting haha

And that is actually a great point bro! No matter how bad it is rn, I don’t think Steemit is goin anywhere so might as well make some profit!

And what! Only 3 times a week?! What happened! You’re the best artist on here (might be biased lol) ima need a sketch everyday lol

But yeah I feel bein sick of illustrating, but not just anyone can do what you do! I was low key feeling sick of creating content for a while, but I can’t have you not posting everyday so ima challenge my self to post everyday for a week and get back into the swing of things!

And I will personally buy a nice vote for you when you finish it (weak upvote)!

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.


Naw, I've worked way to hard to let go haha

Enjoyed this article, you should post more often


I'll think about it lol Thanks tho