SPESCOIN : THE CHARITY COIN [Contest and rewards inside- 18500 SpesCoin writing contest]

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SpesCoin, a secure, stable digital charity currency based on the CryptoNote protocol using a CryptoNight algorithm.

CryptoNote is at the cutting edge of cryptographic currencies.

SpesCoin intend to use cryptocurrency to help non-governmental charities and investors reach their goals through worldwide acceptance of SpesCoin as the go-to charity coin.
Spes is the first charity cryptocurrency that is designed around ordinary PC.
Born from the idea of lending a helping hand where help is desperately needed, no matter the location, ranging from disasters, natural or man-made to neglected children.

Most of the time these charities have very little to no funding, with people or other organizations who would desperately like to help from different parts of the world but who do not have the means or know-how to send help in the form of funds, funds that can make a difference between life or death.
This is where SpesCoin comes in...

...By creating a cryptocurrency which individuals all around the world could purchase online or even mine http://pool.myspes.org/. The currency with its design can be sent almost instantaneously from anywhere in the world to any part of the world as a secure online transaction to reach where it is needed. SpesCoin aims to simplify the process of sending funds to these charities.
For more information kindly go to the SpesCoin website and read about the first charity coin aimed at lending a helping hand to individuals who need help.

SpesCoin writing Contest - win 18,500 SpesCoin

This is a simple contest you can participate in, in order to win yourself some of this coin, being in a very early stage of development. SpesCoin is already on three exchanges and additions of more trading platforms will be added as the project develops.

SpesCoin writing contest Rules

  1. Write about the SpesCoin project in your own words, be unique with your writing skills. Make audiences understand the need for a charity based crypto currency and why investors ought to seize this opportunity to invest in a project that revolves around saving and helping human life. Be real and no mimicking and copying other projects of any kind.

  2. The Title of your post must have SpesCoin in it with an addition of (18,500 SpesCoin writing contest)
    E.g The origin of SpesCoin - (18,500 SpesCoin writing contest)

  3. You must include your SpesCoin wallet on the end part of your post. Create your SpesCoin wallets here

  1. Use any tags of your choice plus the additions of "SpesCoin and Contest"

  2. Add your SpesCoin blog posts links as a reply/comment to this post in order to be validated and recorded as an entry.
    { Use either Steemit/whaleshares/medium/golos} Contestants must Re-share/re-steem this post.

  3. Submit entries Up to 2 times per person. Winners will be announced 14 days from now with another blog post.

Please Note: This contest is very specific. Entries must meet a level of professionalism to be considered. All places may not be filled if there are not enough qualified entries or we may choose to give all winnings to a particular entry if only he/she participated with a unique entry/entries. We have the right to disqualify anyone with a plagiarized entry/entries.

SpesCoin Reward

  • First place 10 000 Spes
  • Second place 5 000 Spes
  • Third place 2 000 Spes
  • Fourth place 1 000 Spes
  • Fifth place 500 Spes

{Thanks to Logic/Gabriel and the SpesCoin team for going through it, rectifying and for final editing also for increasing the prices}

SpesCoin social media

All images used are from unsplash charity image

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