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The post must be made on chainbb! (yes, I can tell)

What can I post?

  1. Whatever the hell you want.

How often can I post?

  1. As often as you want. (just don't expect a vote on every post)

What can I expect after posting?

  1. A vote. Size, reward amount, etc. is not guaranteed.
  2. Votes will not be immediate and will be reviewed.

Why are you doing this?

  1. To show everyone there is value to content that doesn't take 90 minutes to write.
  2. Promote chainbb and the great work @jesta has been doing to build a Steemit alternative.
  3. Giving out free votes is fun.

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Any word and post this guy does needs to be resteemed. You dont need to work hard to get rewards. Just be smart as him and you can be rich.

Best 👍
Stay passionate !

Thx for the reminder again... Now I posted again..using chainbb.. well done @jesta for this nice add-on on the steem blockchain

hello i new user in steem it plss folow me back.

@speakyourmind, when I had to go back and edit I had to delete the last part of script for it to post which is the speakyourmindbb bit, didn't know if you knew that, cause only way I could change anything was to de-jesta that part :( , but loving this ;)

Grateful for the @speakyourmind platform and have been using it, lately. By way of brief introduction, I'm the author of 7 critically-acclaimed books of poetry and prose. Here's a short profile of my work on PBS NewsHour: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/poetry/humble-one-liners-can-teach-us-times-live Cheers, Yahia


the billboard epidemic is not good for the platform, I know you from a nice group and you are new, but leaving your achievements on a lot of other peoples blogs may not garner what you think it will
or maybe it will
it is a turn off for me and I heard you speak, many of us have all sorts to hold up, ...by the 30th time of reading it you shoot yourself in the foot


Thank you, for kindly pointing this out to me.

Great platform @speakyourmind chainbb is really great all we need is just a little publicity so more person will join the platform and we will all enjoy using it.
Thanks @jesta for adding this to the steem blockchain

hope the posts will not be coming into our steemit blog?

i don,t undastand your post but maybe your post is very well i just resteem your @sprakyourmind

What of post on steemit, will the be any votes? @speakyourmind.


Ya never know...

hola, me gustaría invitarte a que te pasaras por alguna de mis publicaciones, feliz día. saludos...

postingan yang bagus good luck brader salam kenal dari saya

Feliz año!!! me gustaría invitarte a que pasaras por mi blog y le echaras un vistazo a alguna de mis publicaciones, saludos...

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