Haejin VS RiceGum!

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Is Haejin the RiceGum of SteemIt???


@themarkeymark chips in his two cents

After Mark posted his article entitled The Future of Steemit, it became apparent that Haejin is taking every witness by storm. Haejin is gaining massive attention due to swinging hands at @randowhale, @berniesanders, and even @themarkymark. This reminds me of the beef baiting RiceGum does on YouTube. Let's break this down into three components: The Flash, The Flame, and The Blame.

The Flash

What Is The Difference Between The Above And The Right?

The main difference between the two is that RiceGum, though in an asshole manner, gives back whereas haejin provides all of zero support. Aside from that, RiceGum and haejin has been earning money off of people blindly following them without realizing that they are reaping massive steals from the overall community. When RiceGum posts a video, it is almost always clickbait that always shows heaps of nonsense trying to extend his videos beyond the 10 min mark to gain more money. Similarly, Haejin provides the typical platitude: crypto price updates. This is a sad excuse for making 6% of the reward pool.

Example of Haejin Supporter

The Flame

Haejin Will Attack Anyone!

@SPL founder @tuck-fheman is the latest in the series of flag wars haejin has engaged in this overheated drama.

This is no different from RiceGum actively beefing with YouTubers and constantly calling them irrelevant.

The Blame

The final component of the Haejin drama is the blame, while haejin complains about being flagged, he constantly draws up support to flag others, does massive flags on random accounts including @bumper, and to top it all off, claims he isn't bothered by being flagged.

Who is Worst???

Comment below who you think is worst: RceGum or Haejin.










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