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RE: I Love You June 12/27 - Te Amo Junio 12/27

in #spanish3 years ago

Was this based of another existing artwork? It is pretty, but if the design did not come from yourself, you should always cite your sources. This is so that your audience have all the information they need to form an opinion about your works.


I had already specified a while ago that I only make reproductions, I will take into account the citation of the source in future publications, you are right

No problems. No one is perfect :) We can always be given opportunities to improve on ourselves.

I know that the original content is much more votated, but is it wrong for me to make reproductions?

Copying as a way to learn is valid, but you should ALWAYS cite your sources so that there is no misunderstanding for your audience. Coming up with the designs for a picture is often what makes a picture beautiful.

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