Playing with perspectives in my house II

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Esta es la segunda vez que salgo al frente de mi edificio y trato de buscar varias tomas. Variar las perspectivas puede ser una opción muy buena a la hora de tomar una foto a algo tan sencillo como un edificio.

Te invito a que hagas lo mismo con cosas sencillas para que veas que terminaras con una foto muy interesante.



This is the second time I go out in front of my building and I try to look for several shots. Varying perspectives can be a very good option when taking a picture of something as simple as a building.

I invite you to do the same with simple things so you can see that you end up with a very interesting picture.




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Thanks for the support guys!

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I love that you did this in your native language first, and then translated it into English so I can enjoy it too! :) I love the way those bricks look on that first picture! New perspectives are always interesting! Thankful that @littlescribe pointed you out to us. We will be shadowing your account this week to take a peek at your posts :) Click the image and come by our page if you'd like to say hi! :)
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Thanks a lot guys! I'm trying to make my posts in both languages. I was already following you, i really like your proyect!

Amazing shots. I really agree... it is always important to look at even everyday things around the house and try to see it from a new and different angle.

I am a moderator on many Discords about Photography, and follow many photographers. Please feel free to ask any questions on photography or Steemit. Lot's of resources, for Photographers, and other places, etc if you are interested. I am happy to help or answer in any way.

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Feel free to ask me, and I am happy to help you here on Steemit!

Thanks! I've been trying to expressed myself more in the post. But you are absolutly right when i work more in a post it gets more upvotes. I'm really greatful for the support!