-_ Embalse de Sichar ][ Sichar Dam _-

in spanish •  3 years ago  (edited)

   Algunas de las fotos que tomé durante mi estancia en el pantano de Sichar en Onda, Castellón.

   Some of the photos I took during my stay in the Sichar swamp in Onda town, Castellón.

    Zona recreativa con barbacoa, mesas y bancos.

   Recreation area with barbecue, tables and benches.

   Un lugar en el que pasar un día relajado con tu familia y en contacto con la Naturaleza.

   A place to spend a relaxed day with your family and in contact with Nature.

    Aguas cristalinas aptas para el baño de niños y adultos.

   Crystalline waters suitable for bathing children and adults.

The photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone camera.

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Beautiful! That first picture is great!

Thanks very much man! A very appreciatted compliment coming from a great photographer as you are 😉

Thank you as well for the great compliment! ;)

I forgot to mention that I edited a little that first pic with an Instagram filter 😉

Any image on the internet has been altered in some way, be it in camera with your settings, or in post with Lightroom/Photoshop or Instagram. It's up to the photographer to make the photo they want and to use whatever tools available to make that possible.

Desde esa perspectiva, tiene una buena vista en la mañana.

Sí, pillé casi el amanecer; se respiraba mucha tranquilidad.
Gracias por comentar @frankches 😉

Hermosas fotografías, que lindo lugar :)

Gracias @andreadepinho
Me alegra que te guste! 🙂

@dresden I dont get a word but I love the sunset pictures!
you should tag this photography trail !

Hey Ivy!
It appears to me as tagged in "photogtaphy" and "nature" besides of "spanish".
Do you mean that the translation of the text is not good?

@dresden no .. I don't mean the translation isn't good
no habla espanol - is that even right? hahah
forgive me if its wrong
as for the photography-trail there is such a tag

Oh! Haha! Ok, I think we had a misunderstood 😃
Your Spanish is actually as good as my English... 😃
Thanks for the info 😉

@dresden no worries, btw they also have a chat channel :)

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