Spaminator Stop: No Further Downvotes

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After all this time, we listened to the Korean community and other no-downvote proponents in regards to downvotes.

Spaminator has been stopped on Steem and all accounts on its blacklist are free to enjoy Steem without any fear of being downvoted by Spaminator or Mack-bot.

We ask that removes our blacklist from their frontend please.

Have a great evening and please keep healthy and safe,



Spaminator was started one night after finding the first of 30,000+ accounts post & comment farming run by one person or group.

When STEEM was first listed on the Korean markets there was around $700 to $1000 a day these accounts attempted to drain from the reward pool by the group I refer to as @dart.

Draining the reward pool wasn't the only problem. They were also a drain on resources. 25% - 30% of posts and votes were spam designed to drain the pool $1 at a time.

The community really pulled together to combat this before @spaminator received a delegation from Steemit Inc.

Thank you everyone who made this project a success.

A very special thank you to @guiltyparties who not only kept it going in my absence but vastly improved on it.

Thank you for creating me. ~ Spaminator

How many articles did you write in 2 years? None?? You were earning good with steemcleaner why would you post right??

You don't even post and if anyone posts you just blacklist him. You guys are so arrogant. Only @pjau was great on steemcleaner others all are arrogant.

Pjau will be happy to hear that. I will pass it on to him.

Thank you for your service @patrice and @guiltyparties. Don't be stranger, keep in touch. I'll be at Steem, Steeming, Discord, and neighbor Hive

Cheers for now.

I think downvotes are needed but not in the way they were functioning what was the point of hundreds of bot accounts downvoting around for no other reason than somebodies private opinion magnified by the size of their wallet?
How many of the so called "fraud" prevention guys were actually running bid bots selling votes and upvoting themselves from multiple accounts while directing literally a mob to chase somebody for the same actions? I know of at least one popular witness who was doing that big scale while too many from the community were happy to stay quite for an occasional vote!

I hope downvotes will be brought back but in a way where u have to specify your greviance with the work and for that to be public rather than used as a censorship tool as it were in many cases no automated bullshit voting/downvoting trails and no downvoting for accounts below a certain score or not accounts that never posted ( do things openly not like a cowardly cunt hiding behind annonymous accounts)the right to curate in this manner should be earned and not by size of wallet

Much appreciated! Thank you, when will the negative reputation score be removed? Thank you...

Hello friend @spaminator.

Great choice, friends, are you leaving steem, moving to the other Hive chain, or staying in both?

@spaminator remove my blacklist from hive also i want to write there too

Tu si eres una mierda, debemos tenerte miedo por tu votos negativos! te pasar por el forro de las bolas unos cuantos derechos humanos de los individuos, espero que te jodan

Now i am 100% copyright free post.
Please unblock now.

Thank you, we will. Have a good evening.

Justin sun fucked you by remoning delegation. Now who will give you fucking delegation on hive? You fucking abuser. steemcleaner is itself an abuse.

The Spaminator bot doesn't need delegation to run. Now on Steem there is no more Spaminator so you can do whatever you want.

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