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RE: Spaminator Stop: No Further Downvotes

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I think downvotes are needed but not in the way they were functioning what was the point of hundreds of bot accounts downvoting around for no other reason than somebodies private opinion magnified by the size of their wallet?
How many of the so called "fraud" prevention guys were actually running bid bots selling votes and upvoting themselves from multiple accounts while directing literally a mob to chase somebody for the same actions? I know of at least one popular witness who was doing that big scale while too many from the community were happy to stay quite for an occasional vote!

I hope downvotes will be brought back but in a way where u have to specify your greviance with the work and for that to be public rather than used as a censorship tool as it were in many cases no automated bullshit voting/downvoting trails and no downvoting for accounts below a certain score or not accounts that never posted ( do things openly not like a cowardly cunt hiding behind annonymous accounts)the right to curate in this manner should be earned and not by size of wallet


Yeah there is downvoting obvious spam and then being dictators. People on hive now decide who’s posts are ‘worth’ the votes they got and downvote ones they personally don’t think are worth it. That’s very different to down voting genuine spam and plagerism. I also feel that the old steemit cleaners could have been a lot nicer about how they did it. I got bots on me three times for posting my own art work. They didn’t ask me to please let them know it was me I just got immediately blocked and told I was plagerising. I couldn’t reply to any of the comments and I had to go through this huge ordeal three times to get rid. They lost the list a couple of times I think so I had to keep re registering. I wouldn’t mind had they just dropped a comment and said ‘is this yours? Just checking etc’

I think you came across the same hypocrites as I did as they all left for hive :)
Good riddance to them

I still keep my hand in there cause sadly everyone I knew moved there and I guess l find it very difficult to build a community here but at least there is some feeling of freedom here and blurt.

I know what u mean the place did get quite empty but I think it's slowly building back up and considering some of the creatures that left id compare their exodus to amputating a gangrenous limb ( u might miss your pinky finger but it's good to get rid of all the black puss!)

The worst ones still take from here tho check the wallets and all that activity from farming accounts

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