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Thanks for 500 followers. This means a lot for me because this number is huge :) . We now have a great number of people following this account and it's growing bigger and bigger so the upvoted are worth more :) THANK YOU 💙


Hi mate
please leave the steem platform

you are not and will not win money here
you are wasting your time
you are wasting my time
you are wasting our time
you are making steem a junk


So you spam mutiple accounts saying you upvoted them but didnt. Then ask for donations. Go home

Hey I noticed this account has been commenting on my stuff but its not actually up-voting.

He NEVER votes, he just lies about it.

Thanks keith. So lame I'm sick of scammy accounts. I'm going to follow you spread some love on your page. Anything from the last 7 days is getting an upvote. Have a great day!

Thank you, it's just tiresome to see this loser...

Their rep has been reduced to almost nothing - don't think they will be around much longer.

You won't be seeing those posts again. The bot is now at reputation 0 and they'll be under the visibility treshold.

Nice job Jaro, you did a good thing there!

OK thanks normally it should work but I will fix it :) It might take some time

NEVER ever comment on my stuff again. Just leave.

Maybe if you weren't a lying spammer we would all like you!


Congratulations and good luck @tomole444

Congragulations for a new followers, hope we can help each other my friends

I will follow you.

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