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RE: Removable Rewards (2018-03-28)

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What we need to do is push the witnesses to mod the reputation system to favor abuse fighters. The issue is that lower rep users cannot harm the rep of a higher rep scammer. That MUST change. Yes, I understand that their are downsides as with those that flag for illegitimate reasons but I'm sure there is a way we can implement a review process for something like that.

Also, bid bot owners should devote a portion of the SP to abuse fighting if they really want to provide a useful service to the community.

It's discouraging to see scammers like this get ahead like this every day and far too few with th required reputation and SP are willing to deal with them.

I plan on making a case to them and hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. Thank you for pointing out this abuse, @duplibot!


you are perfectly right. I just flagged 4 scammers and if barely downvoted 3 cents out of their rewards. There's nothing much more i can do with little sp and no support. Yeah i report but it never got attention. Me flagging, feels like a sensual touch for them .

this guy is spamming with thousands of posts in few months

I completely agree we need to do more to work against this abuse. I hope the discussion around reputation continues, I think there's plenty of ways to improve that.

That's obviously a long road so I wanna find an approach that's immediately available. The idea of other bot owners devoting some SP to the fight is very interesting and so I wanna let that sink in a little.

I hope to see more involved, especially the whales with huge reps and SP that can make a real difference.

whales.. do you think they became whales by being generous and helping the community ?? rarely..

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