Big news - First evidence of a Moon Orbiting an Exoplanet

in #space2 years ago (edited)

The universe is such a vast place, but during this week scientists at Columbia University made an announcement that for the first time they have detected a moon belonging to a planet that is orbiting another star.

The Hubble Telescope along with Kepler, were utilized by the team and studying the various light around the planet to eventually find the tiny satellite.

We will know shortly if the discovery is fully confirmed and this will be an advancement in our human knowledge of exoplanets.

NASA/ESA - Rendering of a exoplanet with orbiting satellite


@originate, In my opinion it can be an Advancement in human knowledge because we humans are not aware about the complete Concepts of universe and any other planet. And in my opinion in future may be we can see more deeper concepts and unknown facts and i always believe that whatever humans are understood till now it's very less and there is so much.

And this kind of Orbit pattern is really unique, and in my opinion it's unique for us but we have to understand that we are finding those aspects which are already present there. So let's hope that in future we will going to see and read about more Interesting phenomenon.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Very interesting! There are lots of things we really don't know in space! If this is true, then this is a big thing! It's always been my interest to learn about our galaxy, wews and article like this excites me! Keep me up to date! Thanks

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