Scientists have found the coldest star in the UniversesteemCreated with Sketch.

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 Scientists have found the coldest star in the Universe - WISE 1828+2650, the so-called brown dwarf or a substar. Temperature on a surface of this star of +25 degrees Celsius. There is she in the Lyra constellation in 47 light years from us. 


It is taken from a source in open community

 On this star probably it is possible to sunbathe) 


@maxer27, I think you slightly misspoke in it. I think what was meant is that it's the coldest star in the known Universe. Since we haven't been able to map to the actual edges of the Universe (as we don't truly know the farthest reaches) there may be colder stars out there farther than our current technology is able to detect.

Other than that knit-picky item, this is a spectacular concept. I can't even imagine a star that has a surface temperature of 25 degrees Celsius/77 degrees Fahrenheit. I can only imagine that the core becomes very hot very quickly.

I will agree with you) We haven't studied all Universe yet. You are right)

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