Will Muslims in Iran Protest the Space Program?

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Iranian Muslims have started obelisk burning.

Obelisk is known to them as a satanic symbol as it is sacred to freemasons and secret socities. In this way Iranians show their opposition and hatred toward these cults.

So when are the Iranians going to realize that the secret religion of the Elite has taken camouflage, and now represents itself as the Space Program? Space is the false heaven of Satan's religion. Maybe it is time for them to start rejecting these obelisks?

The Space Program provides a cover for Masonic Rituals in public, and the people of the world think they see science in action when really, it's just obelisk worship. Look at the names of the rockets. They are all named for pagan deities and sun gods.

The capsule of the rocket represents the Golden Tip of Osiris' royal shaft.

Look at the two images that follow:

The Obelisk is the earth god, the Dome is the sky goddess, and when the rocket goes to space, it represents the dead sun god's ascension to heaven, and rebirth. When a rocket goes up, it represents the same, the obelisk penetrating the sky, going into space, represents the conjoining of the god and goddess.

If they don't reject the Space Program, then they will have allowed the New World Order mystery religion to supplant their traditions and beliefs. It is interesting how the cloak of science and the promise of progress has allowed the Jesuits to infiltrate and convert the world into the Masonic cult.



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