Starting of Right - Living Spaces on Mars

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Living spaces on Mars should be so enjoyable, beautiful and comfortable that nobody will even worry about going outside.

Bland vs vital


Meet and greet living areas should be spacious, inviting and have everything you need to mingle wiht friends and family.
Art, sculptures will add to the beauty, while the place is flooded with good lighting to raise the energy. High cealings lift the space and make it feel lofty and free. Climate systems supply the room with good and fresh air. In the late evening candles and fireplaces produce a comfortable mood.

Confined vs Spacious


Open public spaces take away the confined feeling of being locked inside. High cealings combine a sheltered with a spacious feeling.
At the same time they induce the feeling of grandeur, as experienced in todays cathedrals and big churches.

Shelter vs Big view


Big windows connect to the outside and let you reach in the distance out of your confined area. They let you experience what is going on outside and synchronize your internal rythm with the whole planet.

Similarity vs Individuality


Private rooms have to be comfortable shelters, where you can retreat from being constantly around people and recharge, think and take time for yourself. Climate control, noise dampening and windows with shutters let you adjust it to your current mood.

Artificial vs Natural


Coming from nature, man must take nature with him. Plants, gardens and small parks will connect humans with the blue planet and bring life to the red plant.

Dust vs Water


Water on Mars as a luxury will build a contrast to the outside, a reminder for earth, sign of live and source for relaxation.
Pools, fountains, big showers and water plays build a refuge from the dry and dusty outdoors.

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I really liked how you added the idea of Mars into this post and it's great to imagine, and literally speaking all these pictures consists some amazing and breathtaking constructions, and those window rooms and private rooms are just so Unimaginable and so attractive to watch and i personally admired towards these stuff and now dreaming to stay there. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed 🙂

Thank you!

Welcome. 🙂

The places are really unimaginable. Such a beautiful royal atmosphere is very rare indeed.
And this is why I like the post sir @engineercampus

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Perfect for a Beautiful Lifestyle, with a photo that has a post. It can be time to spend time in these places. Your posts are really nice everytime. @engineercampus


Hope you'll post further construction relative sir.......should you all the best sir @engineercampus

Beautiful design.. I lik that, Very amazing that design. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

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