Get Ready For the Paranoia and Doomsday Lovers

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On July 27th we will be having the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century! Surely a sign from the heavens as that is what we're told they will be used for. But we're in those days where everyone wants to try and guess what will happen or that it means the end of the world, just like everyone who claimed the tetrad a few years back was going to be the big one! is already trying to spark the panic with their latest article entitled: "Blood Moon 2018: Will the world end with the July 27 total lunar eclipse?" And of COURSE, their article includes the likes of Paul Begley. End times preachers are making some crazy claims about this date due to the fact that Mars will also be VERY close to us, just like they made CRAZY claims that something would happen on the Strawberry Moon while Saturn and the Sun were in opposition and Saturn was very visible in the sky. Of course, none of their crazy theories came to pass.


Are we in the End Times? Yes. Do some research, you'll find out a lot. Will this blood moon bring about the end, just like the Blood Moon Tetrad, Great American Eclipse, Sign of the Virgin in September, Strawberry Moon didn't? Most likely. It will signify something just as each of those signs I listed did, but no, please put your Doomsday boners away, the assault on Babylon and Israel and the final war are NOT happening on that day. If you really want a feel for the times we are in, please check out The International Congregation of Lord RayEl to learn more. And just enjoy the amazing beauty of the celestial signs instead of trying to play the part of Paul Revere and letting us know the Anunnaki are coming because they're already here. It all comes down to when the Father gives the signal, not when man says it will happen.

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Nice, it's put away! LOL.

A clever way of putting it. You should make a remix like my video on the topic. ;)


I'll leave the music to you :P

Wise to be ready, foolish to expect.

I do not expect anything to happen on that day, I simply view it as another time marker... but a very important time marker