SpaceX Falcon Heavy Static Fire Successful!

in space •  10 months ago

Yesterday, SpaceX stuck their uber-rocket Falcon Heavy on pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and turned it on! They had some massive clamps on it to make sure it didn't go anywhere, but I can happily report that it did not blow up. Here's one of the many videos:

This means we're getting close to launch, folks! Word is that they'll send the rocket (carrying a Tesla Roadster) up into space in a week or so. So given the many delays we've seen already, it shouldn't surprise us if that happens in a month or so. But in any case, one more thing checked off the to-do list!

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Beautiful! So, is that real? Will it be a Tesla the first car to fly to space?


I guess unless you count the Lunar Rover. :)

Cewl! I dont believe it will happend untill it actually happends tho but I do look forward to it a car leaving earth!!

Hehe, it didn't blow up but by the look of all that smoke, it feels like something did actually blow up :D

It's great to hear that it did not blow up! It will be really exciting to see how successful it will be on the real launch :)

It would be pretty dang cool if this was the first shot fired in a commercial, privatized space race. Glad to see they're not blowing them up anymore, cause those were some really freaking expensive fireworks.


From what I've been reading, SpaceX has been turning a profit on its Falcon 9 launches for some time now. Makes me excited!

Cool little post @biophil I am excited to see how Space X and Tesla progress. Have followed you to see more of your posts, cheers @dylan007. Oh and thanks for upvoting my last article, much appreciated!

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