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Nearly three years ago the music community approach was starting

This is one for my new favourite tribe aka SonicGroove. When I hit the Steem blockchain nearly three years ago I was already very active to build music communities on social media platforms outside the usual facebook etc madness. I was glad to jump on the Steem blockchain, first without any success. Apart from my love for photography and my professional passion to create content around marketing it was my first move to try and establish some music vibes here. When the "community idea" was announced I got excited and was trying to contribute and build, first via own contests, own designed DanceWeekend parties trying to organize a mix techno marathon throughout the comment sections to create music vibes - mainly for my electronic music love - given I was a DJ in my youth. Living the Techno dream since it started here in Germany - long ago! Thereafter I tried to promote own and other tags and encourage the community via @steem-bounty series - not that successful - but I got to know really great musicians, producers and lovers of that part of the Art (sorry, that is German English rhyming lol).


This was my first music post on the Steem Blockchain

With a song I still ove and play when guys invite me to DJ on their mainly private events! You might see the formatting here was new to me, but I hope you can forgive this - let me know your thoughts about this perfect Trance Track!

Pretty sure not all Steemians will like my Music Style but I will make my Style an ongoing format thing for my music related content here, means Techno / Trance Tunes as an ongoing Serial - starting today! Heavy Metal might be added soon too.

I grew up in a time when Heavy Metal was really cool (the early Metallica years until 1986). Almost simultaneously I started to love Techno / Trance / House and I did learn both styles have a lot in common (Not many share this opinion......) and there were some cool trials to combine both music genres. Was a reason I started to buy some DJ equipment and worked in that area until the end of university times.

From today onwards I will post my favourite tracks from both music genres on an ongoing basis. Some tags are used especially for Metal here already, not seen a lot about Techno / Trance and general Electronic Music yet so I might just use them for now expecting no votes at all.

Anyone that likes that style is welcomed to approach me obviously before i become a lonely soldier left with his other topics only lol.

My first one is from Mandala, brilliant TRANCE track you need to listen to the end, originally from Germany published in 1995.

Watch to for more soon here on my profile

Check this original first one by myself here:

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Ich fand's cool, als ich vor über 2 Jahren hier auf Steemit landete und Deine Techno Postings vorfand. Es ist wirklich ruhig geworden. Insgesamt. Aber bei dem Thema besonders - was auch z.T. an mir liegt. ;-) Aber manchmal ist man eben anderen Mächten ausgeliefert. Zur Zeit habe ich auch wieder ein altes Tape mit einer DJ Dag CN im Auto am Start. Und mit DJ Dag vebinde ich auch Mandala. Hat er auf dem Hessentag gespielt - 93 oder 94, weiß gerade nicht mehr genau... ;-)

Es waren geile Zeiten, Du must auf sonicgrrove posten, neue Music Tribe - toll Dich via die Blockchain kennengelernt zu haben.

@isaria - this guy here is a producer, composer and DJ from Germany that should be part of your airdrop as well.

Die Freude ist auch auf meiner Seite! :-)

@uwelang, Great to know about your journey on Steem Blockchain with the Techno Music too. Watched that musical video and i have to say that it have it's own awesome flow. Keep up the awesome work.

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