Songwriting Day! 🎹🎶

in songwriting •  5 months ago


I had a great time writing a song today with 2 other writers. One of them is recording the song on her album. It’s always fun to create art whether it be music or some other form. Here is my writing space:


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Drewley I always enjoy your entries for papa-pepper, actually had missed you in the last one (or previous?), was great to see you take home the gold!

I'm happy to see your creative space! I wonder how easy it is to swivel between computer and piano, I know that I need like a three quarter moon space with all the different papers and whatnot I get going!



Thanks so much! I love to write and be creative, it makes something come alive inside


On the inside trying to get out, I feel the same about poetry and song, very cool how you have a piano extension of yourself!

Hope I'm not crossing a line, but now that you are reputation 60, have you heard of the byteball airdrop? Its quite a bit of steem you can earn especially when the prices are low like they have been, at least I convert mine into steem.

Anyways, be blessed!


I haven’t heard of that.. I’ll have to check it out


Its a referral program, and if you'd use my referral link to download the wallet, I can kick you back part of what they send me. I usually try to walk people through the process on discord or in chat or even here in the comments.

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Here is the exciting part Drewley, for those of us with over 60 rep they are giving out 80 dollars in bytes. Let me know if you have any questions, I really don't want to sound scammy or spammy, just a guy who paid his electricity bill last month helping people get their wallets set up.

Looks/sounds awesome @drewley

Have you done this page to earn musicoins with your music? It's far better than other platforms that exists pout there.

Feel free and register to musicoin:



Wow its a great day in your life sir.

Song writing is a special skill sir and you own it.