🎵#Song-Challenge 💿 Day 32: A song that makes you laugh

in song-challenge •  3 months ago

How come the 30-Day song challenge asked us for a song that made us sad, but not for one that made us laugh?

So this is what Day 32 is for.

I got to know this song in 2007 when I was on a road trip with some girl friends through Canada. In Jasper we saw a Rodeo (and I remember we didn't have to pay for tickets... One of us must have had really good flirting skills.)

After the rodeo we ended up in a community center dancing and celebrating, when this song came on. All the local girls stormed the dance floor and started line dancing. And so did we.

I don’t think we really blended in… 😀 but it was so much fun! And this song keeps making me laugh!

Big and rich - Save a horse, ride a cowboy!

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