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SoMee.social, (rebranded from ONG) is a social media platform like Facebook. It has a sleek UI, and you can earn crypto rewards. The team has excellent brand awareness with almost 300k followers on FB alone. I have been helping SoMee as an investor since their ICO. Recently I've been working closely with the SoMee team trying to bridge the gap between Steem & SoMee.

https://somee.social/ - you can log in and connect your Steem account and earn both Steem & SoMee! (Gfuel in its powered upstate)

Steem is not in competition with anyone, just as much as Facebook isn't in competition with the internet. I strongly believe we need to bridge other projects and communities to Steem to share in Steem's amazing value add.

I think it's important to make a lot of noise for businesses that integrate Steem into their platforms. We want a rush of new energy hitting when the Steem bridge is connected. We want people to be eager to add Steem to their business. Nothing travels like word of mouth and businesses adding Steem connect with a successful after story can compound into something amazing!

You can see my profile here: https://somee.social/profile/dan/timeline

I have a nice chunk of SoMee I personally bought and powered up. Not financial advice, crypto is highly risky, and I've had this bag since they were called ONG. xD

Disclosure, This is not a paid promotion. I hodl SoMee as an OG investor of the company. - Any business that wants to integrate Steem connect, whether I'm invested in them or not, if I think the project is legit, I will gladly raise awareness for them at no cost. (I don't do paid promo anyway).

So, check it out! Link some of your newer SoMee posts here, and I'll give you a Steem/SoMee upvote!


It's cool how you invest in all of these different projects and then use your influence to help them integrate together. I recall you got Nolimitcoin to accept STEEM deposits as well some time back.

I will check it out for the STEEM integration. I've been working on distancing myself from Facebook, so not really interested in that integration.


I have big plans with NLC and Steem. Steem connect will be enabled there also. I'm starting to get better at this bridge buidling thing xD

Wow, curious what that will look like?!
I've always said more projects should work together and quit this Highlander crap. Good to see that happening more and more.

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Dang, I remember making a profile a long time ago but never used it. Nice, I just attached my Steemit account! 😎


Hey, remember me? Maybe not? I am a former writer at WRC, friend of Jeff Berwick, Luke Rudkowski etc etc. Yeah come join the party. SoMee is the project I have been helping out with. ;-)

Actually, I haven't but looks like something worth giving a spin.

Blockchains are all about bridging caps. Being siloed is the very antithesis of crypto. For the entire space to grow, it is important to strengthen the network effects within it. That's where the value lies. Framing things in terms of rivalry and zero-sum games is a waste of energy.

Their interface is pretty cool, I'm setting up my account now! Never hurts to supports projects that decide to integrate with Steem!

They should probably make it easier to add friends, I looked for a button for a while and never found it lol! Also don't know what the fire and the star mean under my name, there's probably a guide somewhere.

Great feedback, post the feedback over on SoMee and you may get some upvotes. They are eager to help people helping them.

Just like a regular post on my profile will do? I'll check around! I can see that you sent a friend request so the button must be there somewhere, I also upvoted your cat post from there and noticed I had to go to the blockchain settings otherwise the Steemit upvote would be 0%.

These are the kinks I want to work out so itll be easier for me to onboard future businesses with Steem connect. Lots of moving parts xD. I appreciate your feedback!

Just found the feedback button on the navbar to the left of the wallet button lol.

Adding friends is as easy as searching for a friend clicking on them and clicking "add friend" for now. Yes, we plan on expanding the interface within the u.i. to a hover menu of follow when we get there. Also hashtags was just introduced but the tag system isn't live yet.

Not yet... I think I have to try it.

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@theycallmedan, Wow, good to know about your journey with Somee, and most importantly i liked one point and that is, Steem is not engaged in any competition inturn Steem is heading towards more collaboration and ready to empower the Crypto Space.

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Here is my profile : https://somee.social/profile/timeline
Comment and upvote sync works great. The only thing that doesn't work for me is the cross posting from somee to Steem. I enabled cross posting, clicked on the icon of Steem while writing my post but never showed up on my Steemit profile. Damn

Seems a good platform and would love to give it a try for sure.

anyone can friend request me too in somee i am also generous with my somee upvotes

I'm a sucker for trying new things... I'm on SoMee now.

Great move

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i was not aware about it at all thanks for sharing an update on this one checking it out right now

I haven't but will join..

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Thanks Dan for bringing this to my attention. Just heard for the first time.

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I just connected to somee.social
My user profile is here:

I find it hard to follow you Dan and the site seems to consume much data and it's not phone fitting in view.

Cool project though.

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they have an android app and i think an i phone app too they are getting ready to release newer and better updated apps soon also

I must try it. The next big wave is how interoperable we are with others. That makes sense with somee.social too.

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Lol I remember SoMee being punted on YouTube by some Megan chick a few months ago and then it went quiet again, has it started to make any moves since then? Haven't seen much news on the project

so I joined. How do I link my steem account as you pointed out above?

Under profile click settings

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Can you cross-post it from Steem on SoMee? Or it goes only the other way around (from SoMee to Steem)?

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From SoMee to Steem only for now.

Looking forward to the opposite solution.

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so I joined. How do I link my steem account as you pointed out above?

Profile under settings you'll see the ability to connect Steem.

I was gonna pass but I see a civic log in and I have an account (I refuse to use LinkedIn for SnS and have all but abandoned facebook except for looking at pictures of my relative's cats). Maybe I will try to rerigster that way.

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If I hop back on SoMee, I'll drop a link. Appreciate the support.

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is it smart to not be able to see anything until you make an account?
and do i log with fb and then connect it to steem somehow?

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