The massively open climate action game (MOCAG) : Solar coach will give 1 million Topsols to the ten biggest nonprofit organizations who are protecting our environment.

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Solar coach is a project to finance solar investments with a new cryptocurrency : the TOPSOL.
While the price of the TOPSOL is low during the pre-launch of the project, the price will increase for the ICO( Initial Coin Offering), from september 1st to october 30st.
With the money collected during the ICO, Solar coach will build collective solar farms in 2018 and 2019. The sale of the electricity will be used to buy 1 TOPSOL at the wholesale price of the electricity, between 22 to 46 USD. (the price for one Mwh today)

How to participate :
To launch a marketing campaign for its ICO, Solar coach needs funds and participants.

If you want to support one of these nonprofits : The WWF, Greenpeace, the Audubon society, the Sierra Club Foundation, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Nature Conservancy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, American Rivers, Trust for Public Land, the friends of earth

  • Open a steemit account on
    Steemit is a blogging platform where you can earn Steem, a cryptocurrency.

  • Send 1 steem to @solarcoach with the name of the nonprofit you are supporting in the memo. Transferring Steem on Steemit is free.

  • Upvote the reply of this post concerning your organization.

  • Transmit this message to one friend

Fundraising goal

  • Collect 200,000 Steem during the pre-launch period, from June 15th 2017 to August 31st 2017.
  • At the end of the ICO period, Solar coach will withdraw 1 million Topsol for the ten biggest nonprofit organizations if the fundraising goal is reached.

Steemit accounts
Because there may be challenges with opening 200,000 Steemit accounts in a 2 month period, you can make teams of 10 people and send 10 steems to @solarcoach.

How to earn 1 steem:
There are hundreds of ways to earn 1 steem on Steemit and it is part of the game to find how to and to publish your solution (publishing an interesting solution will make your post earn much more than one steem !)

How the nonprofits will receive their money ?
They have to open an account on TradeQwik, the exchange platform of the VIVAconomy, TradeQwik accounts are free.
Solar coach will withdraw 100,000 Topsols per year for ten years for the nonprofit account.
These Topsols can be exchange for other currencies on TradeQwik from day one, but of course it is better to keep them for few years as their value grows.

Let's play the massively open climate action game together !

Any private investor who would like to send at least 100 steems to @solarcoach and who is opening an account on TradeQwik during the Pre-launch period will receive 6 Topsol /steem in September.
The history of the Steemit wallet will be the proof of the investment.
You can also use your TradeQwik account to invest Bitcoin, Ether, Nem or VIVAcoin in Solar coach.

@solarcoach followers on Steemit will be notified of how to participate to the ICO, starting September 1st.

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