Solar Coach pre-launch announcement.

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The problem to be solved

We have to increase the share of renewable energy into our energy mix. Solar energy could provide 35 % of our needs. It currently provides less than 2 %. People who are living in large cities do not have a roof to install solar modules but they can invest into collective solar farms.

The solution.

Solar coach issues an asset (Topsol) to be invested into solar farms. This asset will be issue on Bitshares and TradeQwik. This asset will be bought back later with income from those solar farms. The electricity is sold to utilities and the revenue is used to purchase Topsol. People who want to invest into solar farms can buy this asset. The money from the sale of Topsol is used to build additional solar farms. As more solar farms produce even more electricity, the assets are bought back by Solar coach and the price of Topsols increases.

Topsol is tradeable on the Bitshares/TradeQwik exchanges like a cryptocurrency.
In the future, the electricity will be directly sold to Topsol owners at a preferential rates by smart contracts.
With Topsol, each people living in a city can invest into solar plants.

Pre-launch : June 15 th – August 31 st

Steems are collected on the @solarcoach Steemit account.
Up to 200,000 Steems, the exchange rate will be at 6 TOPSOL:STEEM for investors who wants to invest at least 100 steems.

Green activists who wants to support this project can send from 1 to 100 steems.
When the 200,000 steems limit will be reach, Solar coach will give 1 million Topsols to the 10 biggest non-profits organizations protecting our environments.

The announcement for the Massively Open Climate Action Game :

Follow @solarcoach for more news.

The money will be used to incorporate, write smart contract, design a website and prepare the ICO.

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So this is an ICO for funding the creation of an ICO? And you are planning to collect 400k$ just for writing a smart cntract and designing a website?

I do not think the ICO fever has gone that crazy, but good luck anyway.


Thank you.
How much to do think you have to spend to market your ICO if you want to collect 30 millions $ ?


I have not considered advertising costs, that can become the biggest spending entry. However, I think that you should start the website and publish a roadmap and a profitability study before starting the crowdfunding.


We are writing the white paper V 0.9
Follow @solarcoach for more info.

This is an early stage endeavor with a promising future. I'm happy to support it.


Thank you for your support @dennishlewis


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