Upvote STEEMIT = Going Completely Solar Energy ? (FUTURE Idea)

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•This particular Idea involves the help of Steemit and STEEM by going completely Solar without the need of ANYTHING from the grid or any harmfull power plant whether its coal, gas or nuclear.

•This particular idea that I'm writing into this post must be big and motivational.

The idea of going solar to a big amount and POWERING neighbours is not an easy challenge.

The idea is to throw a big footprint into a place with solar and renewable energy and motivate others to do so aswell!.

•To start the wheel and show our government that we can indeed go full solar.

•If nobody start, nothing will happen so this could be a oppertunity to stop the coal, gas propaganda.

Do you want to breathe this dirty air and get potentially cancer and other lung diseases?

•I know its going to be a hard challenge but look what we've thought would be impossible but then we accomplished those impossible thoughts!

All those things were thought to be impossible but look where we are now.

•Don't worry, I did not forget the Carbon-Tax concept which is one of the things I spent most of my time right now, trying to figure out a perfect system so be ready for a 'carbon-tax concept' post (;.

"How are you gonna bring this idea to reality?" you might ask, well the answer(s) is (are) short and simple:

•STEEM && Steemit

•Kickstarter and partners

•Renewable Coin (Renewable)

》Use Steemit to earn money for the project

》Kickstart the project or find partners

》Make a cryptocurrency called 'Renewable Coin


•Even with lots of help via Steemit, I think its still not gonna be enough.

•Kickstarter on the other hand seems to look fine but an issue would be a disinterest of people in renewable energy.

•I don't know much about coding a cryptocurrency, I mean
I know the linux terminal fairly good and ... well python maybe? SQL:::No idea. Logo:

Let me guya know what you think of this whole idea, am I insane or do you agree, let me know.

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This will make earth even betten in future if this is applied to whole world


Two words: Elon Musk.

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Thank You - @blueorgy

Good Idea !!!
Any luck for now ???
But when you going to do a kickstarter what you going to offer to people ?
Upvoted !
Folowed !


I'm still kinda trying to figure this out but there will be something ok.
Kinda busy right now with everything, Carbon Tax principle, Solar, how the Kernel