Look How Much Solar Power Now!! ( Video )

in solar-power •  7 months ago

Now with the tree's gone I am rocking the power. We are running a lot more and still have leftover power. This has been working so well. My goal is to have about 5000 watts of solar. Have about 2500 now. Thanks for your time and votes.

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Unlimited Powerrrrr!!!!!!

Would you recommend living off the grid for this type of stuff? Seems more efficent than city living. Sometimes im just afraid I wont know anybody.


I do brother. I love being out not having to deal with it all. If not for my need of AC cooling I would be off grid. We are off grid for about 16 hrs a day. The shade we get kills my power. As of now all I buy from town is some power. Last bill was 67 bucks 30 of that was fee's.. Before finding my wife I did live 100% off-grid for 10 years. I o miss it. Hope to have the cash to buy more PV and go back 100% soon.

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Happy to hear that cutting down the tree has helped so much. I guess you can run the AC a little harder now.


Thank you! Yes it's helping out a lot. I get sick if I get over heated so staying cool is a must. We now to can do 2 or 3 loads of wash now with out even coming out of float..