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RE: What is property? Is it defined by consensus?

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You know from my beginning with steem coins I listened and trusted you.
I am just wondering why that stake was ok in the hands of the irresponsible folks so long and now new owners come and now its time to care? We were all lied to constantly by the steemit inc team and owners! Why so late? If it was truly ninja /cheated /stake then that stake steals from every legitimate investor.
I guess it still the status quo and the powers that be will "Do as they wilt"?

I sold my investment when the price came back to 52 cents. I dont think its time for me to come back!

BTW I wanted to let you know I checked up on you after the earthquakes and I was not able to post? Glad your family is doing well!


Thanks for checking up on us. Yeah, we're doing well. Odd that you weren't able to post. Maybe you sold all your Steem and didn't have enough Steem Power?

For me personally, it was the real, published threat about moving STEEM to Tron without even discussing this with witnesses or the community. We DID care about this. Many of us did. Last year, we came close to doing a hard fork because so many people were upset with Ned and what he was doing to STEEM and Steemit. It was never okay in their hands, but taking property from someone, IMO, is an act of violence. The ninja-mined stake is certainly not ideal, but it was at least voluntary. Those who didn't support it, never participated in Steem.

We now have a chance to have the negotiation with a new owner that we didn't get to have previously. We'll get to hear them out and make our decisions then. If they want to use the stake in the interests of Steem and Tron, we'll be able to decide if that's okay and put constraints on chain to support that future. If they want to just promote Tron, we can likewise move on to other things or create a new Steem chain or something else. The temporary soft fork gives us time to have that discussion.

I personally made a voluntary choice to invest in Steem in when it was around $2 to $3 and higher. Around 9 BTC. I then watched it go to $0.07. I discussed this a bit here. I lost a lot of money. But I'm still here. I wasn't here for the money. I was hear for the technology and the blockchain. If that gets taken away, I would probably not have a reason to stay.

That is what brought me to steem " the idea of true community control". But its fake here and is exactly a carbon copy of the fiat world with a crypto twist. All the fake Identities and folks who are outright abusive have never been dealt with. It's obvious that the MONEY matters and nothing else.

I dont think that is your perspective but facts are facts on the steem blockchain and greed reigns here most of the time.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I did not read that article before I replied to your post. That changed my perspective a little. I still think the ninja mined coins have forever tainted steem and should have been mitigated long ago.

I did sell all my steem at a huge loss. That would be the cause of me not being able to let you know I care.
Funny how it is just like the Fiat world where capital and who you know is all that matters.

What does "true community control" actually mean? Is it one person, one vote? Do those who put in more effort or more resources get more say?

Governance is not an easy thing to get right. I agree, much of the world (both fiat and cryptocurrency) has aspects of plutocracy at its core. How are we to improve on that in a meaningful way?

To some, money matters and nothing else. To others, this is their home on the blockchain and they want it protected. They don't want an outsider with a lot of money taking over without their consent. This temporary code change allows for time to discuss what the real intentions are.

Forgive me for the late reply Luke I just have been busy with spring coming here.

With so many extra accounts and the ability of one account to control all its impossible because of poverty and greed.

We are all corrupted by what we desire ourselves and Love is not the rule.
That is the core problem.

I am not sure you can write code to fix that. I will consider all your questions more thoughtfully and write a post in reply.

Cool. Reply with a link when you get it posted. Thanks!

I just remembered I told you I would reply. I hope you are well. Is there a better plan in place to fix this mess.

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