Will Sex Dolls Lead to Polygamy?

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I came across this article this morning:


which dovetails nicely with my earlier post on zero population growth:


In fact, I wrote about the sex doll a couple years ago on my own blog, pre-steem and how the US could use it as a weapon against the Chinese to deprive them of fighting-age men.

First, there was an article that the Chinese military is having trouble with recruits being too fat and masturbating too much to enter military service.
Then I saw an article about a Chinese start-up that is doing mail-order sex doll rentals. They swear they are sanitized between uses!
Today I see an article about a sex robot being shown at a tech conference that will moan when you touch it being broken by the attendees to the conference.
Sex robots are here, and they are probably going to be amazing.
Here’s where national security comes into play:
DARPA, the CIA, and whoever else should subsidize and create companies in hostile (or potentially hostile) countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc that sell/rent/whatever sex robots. While you’re at it, put money into R&D to create ever-better sex robots.

And now it looks like we are at the start of this trend, government intervention or not. Basically a lot of men are becoming WALL-E caricatures of themselves.

From an evolutionary perspective, this is not new. Over the vast span of time, a lot of men did not reproduce. I've seen estimates ranging from 50 to 80% of males did not have children, based on studies of DNA. There might be a lot of reasons for that. Maybe a large percentage of men died before having children because of predators, war, misadventure, etc. But maybe a chunk of those just weren't attractive because they weren't on top. We know that men at the very peak of societies often have multiple partners, whether it be the king with his harem or Tiger Woods having a bunch of mistresses.

If this trend of men withdrawing from society continues women may face a choice at some point with the numbers stacked against them. There could a future where 10 woman of child bearing age has to choose between (let's say) 8 men. At least some of those women will have to either share or not have kids at all.

And while China and Japan are ahead of the rest of the world in terms of population decline, most of the industrialized world is following the same path with a lag of about 30 years. The only people that have a really growing population are in Africa and the Middle East. The US has a slight positive population growth, but that's only because of immigrants. The US-born population is on the decline trajectory.

I view all of this as a largely economic phenomenon. This is one of the stealth results of inflation. As the monetary base erodes the purchasing power of fiat holders, the bottom 80% or so of the population gets pushed down and down to the point where it's too expensive to live - literally. They adapt to this pressure by having less life in the form of fewer children. There is the work in raising a child component to consider, but I'm not sure where the balance between those forces lies.

In any case, the Japanese are now worried about extinction in a generation or two, and the Chinese aren't far behind.


I think everything is a domino effect

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