How To Collect The Steemit WIRE Token Bounty - Exchange Listing Today!

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Social Wallet - Airdrop & Bounty - Collect Your Tokens!

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Social Wallet Has Rebranded To AirWire But The WIRE Token Remains The Same!

It has been a long journey since the start of our token sale in early February. Our initial purpose for developing the platform to send and receive crypto through social media took both good and bad unexpected turns. The bad was the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that rocked Facebook and forced them into scrapping their API and forcing our integration out the window. The good was all the innovation that came after that. We developed SMS sending, QR codes, and custom links that enables a user to send crypto over any platform of their choosing. Not only that, but we listened to our partners and community and continued to develop whole new applications on top of our groundbreaking sending and receiving features.

Enter AirDrops and Bounties on the AirWire Platform

We have developed a custom bounty/airdrop solution directly inside the AirWire Platform. Not only can our partnership coins deploy airdrops, but influencers, advertisers, and regular individuals can deploy custom airdrops to reward other users for engaging their content. There are so many use cases for this and we are proud create it in record time.

The WIRE-Steem AirDrop and Bounty Program

While we were still Social Wallet, we initiated a bounty program on Steemit. The way this worked was we would calculate the monetary value of your upvote and match your upvote with WIRE Tokens. Now that we are AirWire, it is time to pay up!

We would like to thank the 1000's of participants who engaged in our Steemit bounty program. AirWire is a close knit community and we value everyone's time and effort. Crypto has went through a rough patch all year and Steem was included in the takedown. We say this because even though we had thousands of users engage, the monetary value just wasn't what we were expecting. The vote's continued to be worth less and less for the bounty participants. It got so bad that only 15 people upvoted more than $15 worth of Steem on our bounty that ran over a month. Before I continue, I want to applaud those 15 people by name for being so generous and consistent: @cryptomancer @ranchorelaxo @yoo1900 @vcelier @sean-king @arama @followbtcnews @lpfaust @jkenny @alexis555 @newhope @andyluy @ripperone @ash @steemrich.

Those individuals contributed anywere from $15 all the way up to $411. I will reach out to each of you individually to distribute your WIRE tokens. Thank you so much! As for everyone else, we wanted to do something special for you. No matter if you contributed $0.01 or $14.99 we are giving everyone $15 in WIRE Tokens for your efforts. We will be posting a link for you in our post tomorrow to click and accept your $15 in WIRE tokens.

There is more! We will load that link up with $15 in WIRE tokens for anyone else who wants to join the AirWire community! Just click the link to accept and the WIRE is yours.

Here is a video of our platform capabilities:

Let us know if you want Steem listed on our platform!

We are starting a slow migration over to our AirWire Steemit page as we are no longer using the Social Wallet name. We will still continue to post updates on both for a while until a majority of our user base makes the transition.

Here us the link to our new Steemit channel:

AirWIRE- What You Need to Know!

AirWire token (WIRE) listed in Sistemkoin and open for exchange Sept 24th, 2018
WIRE is now listed on Sistemkoin exchange and will be available for purchase on September 24th, 2018.

Sistemkoin is a major European exchange averaging over $30 million a day in volume. US residents are welcome to participate.

Sistemkoin has great customer service, fiat off-ramps, as well as a fantastic user interface. This strategic move will fuel our international strategy to become a global brand.


Ambassador Program

Education and massive adoption are one of our top priorities, this week AirWire started its Embassadors Program to outreach more and more people in different countries.

The first country selected for this program is Venezuela. We will start with trainings, meetings and events there since next week. We will inform about this events in future newsletters and our Official Social Media Accounts.

This program will be global and you can be our Ambassador too, just join our Discord channel and tell us why you could be our Ambassador in your country.

NEW Script Based WIRE Masternode GUIDE

Our Team has developed a Script coded for Masternode installation. This process will let you install your AirWire Masternode with less complications and less tech steps (and remember you just need 35.000 WIRE tokens in your wallet to have one Masternode).

For assitance you can always contact our Costumer Service in Telegram, Discord or Website.

AirWire Airdrops continue until sept 30th,2018

This amazing promotion, one Wire-token-airdrop once a day until Sept 30th, 2018!

If you want to enjoy these airdrops is mandatory to be registered in AirWire platform and get your KYC process verified. Don´t worry both steps are simple, fast and easy.

Join the AirWire Discord chat

Do you have questions left unanswered? Would you like to be part of the Social Wallet community? Take a moment and join our discord room by clicking on the 'Join discord chat' button below!


Helpfull article. Thanks

Thank you @socialwallet :-)
I will definitely join this Airdrop by today.

Thanks for all the great updates, and I'm happy to be a supporter of AirWire! It's great to see you guys keep building out the platform and congratulations on the Sistemkoin listing. Here's hoping the momentum continues!

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