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RE: Purchase Wire Tokens with Steem and SBD Today!

in #socialwallet5 years ago

Just bought 35,250 WIRE. I met the development team at the Bitcoin, Ethereum Superconference today in Dallas, Texas. Great group of guys. Very exciting things happening for Social Wallet. They connected with Steem so I actually got the tokens by transfering Steem from my Steemit account. Good luck everybody!!


Nice, very cool that you were able to attend the conference and meet the team! I saw the conference pictures that were posted on the Social Wallet Discord. Looks like a lot of great energy and positive vibes there. Hope I get the chance to go to one of those someday.

Does someone know where to get the videos for the conference and if they are available yet?

They sent an email today with the information to order a box set of DVD's. If you did not receive it, give me your email address and I can forward it to you.

Thanks I was hoping they would be on youtube.

Great to hear, This is Shawn I believe we spoke yesterday and today if I'm lining you up with the correct person :)

Yes Shawn, You guys were very helpful. I'm the one with the Canadian grandfather.

Masternode time!!! Nice! Thanks for coming by our booth and believing in us and the platform. We will not disappoint.

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