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BuildTeam is proud to be an official advisor and partner of Social Wallet, a revolutionary new social networking cryptocurrency platform!

If you are not yet familiar with Social Wallet, it is an innovative project with a goal of introducing over 2.5 billion social media users to cryptocurrency.

In this press release we would like to let Steemians know about a few exciting new developments coming into play regarding the Social Wallet 'WIRE' token sale.

Social Wallet Has Added STEEM as a Payment Option for its WIRE Token Sale!

BuildTeam is excited to announce that Social Wallet is now accepting STEEM and SBD as an official payment for its token sale. This assignment has served as BuildTeam's first major cooperative project, assisting Social Wallet with the implementation of Steem payment options for its token sale.

WIRE, which is currently locked in at the price of $0.15 per token as per current bonus schedule, can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and its newest addition, Steem (STEEM) & Steem Dollars (SBD)!

To purchase WIRE in the token sale, all you have to do is register here. Once registration is completed, you are free to purchase tokens with any payment option listed above. Also, keep in mind that there is a hard limit of $150,000 USD per person for each round of the sale.

Social Wallet Has Extended An Exclusive Bonus Opportunity To The Steem Community!

To celebrate the collaboration between BuildTeam and Social Wallet on the Steem payment integration, Social Wallet is extending a 25% bonus opportunity for the WIRE token sale exclusively for Steem.

As you can see in the picture above, all other forms of payments will fall into the normal 20% bonus timeline. We didn't want the Steem community to miss the highest bonus available while the Steem options were still being programmed.

Not only does Social Wallet want to accept Steem payments, they want to build a strong Steem account where they can assist BuildTeam's continuing quest to make the Steem attention economy blockchain a great community for everyone. The Steem payment option within the WIRE token sale is the perfect opportunity to accomplish these goals!

Continuing with this awesome post is the latest commercial that includes a sneak peak at the Social Wallet platform!

Here is a screenshot of the homepage so you can really see how easy the platform is to use.

  1. Pick the social network of your choosing.
  2. Enter the username of the recipient.
  3. Enter the amount of WIRE you want to send.
  4. Add an optional message or just click SEND!

Members of BuildTeam have already had a chance to demo the platform and can assure you that it's really as easy to use as it looks. We are excited to support Social Wallet and watch Social Wallet grow into an elite blockchain platform.

For more information visit Social Wallet on the web at

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This is awesome! I was waiting for it. Didn't want to take out ETH from my Ledger.
so now I can finally invest in the ICO :)
thanks for the update!

This one definitely sounds like a winner!


Am totally supporting this one, think it is a great project, have already got me some of this, all the best moving forward on this one.

thank you

This video is so epic! Tested the Steem / SBD payment options for Social Wallet and everything is looking good here. Great work and best of luck with the WIRE Token Sale!

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

Flag away buddy. Go with your first instinct.. ;)

No It was just a joke to laugh :)

That's actually quite sad, since there was literally nothing worth to flag over 🤔.


@buildteam this is great news again! One question, when are you going to announce the SP Holders Airdrop from Social Wallet?

Regards, @gold84

If you are sending them Wire tokens from your wallet, dont they need a wallet themselves? Then whats the point of "choosing a social media network"? I dont get it. Is this just an example of connecting your wallet with your social network profile?

This is a good question. I've read the whitepaper so I'm able to answer it to the best of my knowledge. Think of Social Wallet as a platform that connects through social media. When you send tokens to your friend on facebook you must send them from your wallet (this means you need to make a social wallet account first). Your friend receives a link in PM on Facebook. They click on the link and collect their tokens (they must also make an account / wallet with social wallet) then after they click accept the tokens move from Social Wallet into your friend's wallet. So the transaction looks like this...

You send from your wallet to friend's social media through Social Wallet -> Social Wallet holds the tokens until your friend accepts them -> Friend gets PM, clicks on link, makes account and accepts WIRE -> Friend's Wallet.

Looking forward to this project! I'm glad Steem is accepted as payment now. This is really tempting, I think I'm gonna buy some!

It's not a new idea,but it is still looks interesting!

Nope. Not a new idea at all. We are just the first and only team to be able to execute it! It’s going to be one of the most used platforms in crypto. Very exciting times.

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Social wallet for Steemians with token accepting the steem and SBD is good news, also great project. I will try to use your services in future.
Video is also awesome. Hope you succeed in your ambitious project and we too be in position to choose your services.

its great to see steem been added to the social wallet, this is awesome and the work you guys are doing to reach billion of people and introduce them to the crypto world is awesome, big ups

This is a huge breakthrough, a confidence-booster for Steem and SBD as its acceptability is enhanced. That also means its credibility is on the increase. Thank you for this great initiative @buildteam. is amazing!!! registered

Thanks for rolling this post and looking out for this new concept , i also resteemed this

Great, very interesting.... Thanks for sharing info .... Go to witness

Wow, quick response like usual! This is really great customer service! Thanks for the help ;)
Please upvote

But what are those WIRE tokens?

This is great news. Well done. I am fully supporting this project.

All business becomes easy together @buildteam 👌👌

Wow a good news for steem more love towards community.


Tnx for information

video made me silence its a magic world i think every thing is possible now.

The best Good luck always post information

wow!this is awesome news. keep posting like this

Not gonna lie, but if that crypto-debit card thing is accepted everywhere this will be great, but all retailers are going to have to change their machines! Or is it already compatible with the current machines (that would be revolutionary)

I think they are shooting for VISA! If that is the case then no change will be necessary.

Yeah I don't feel quite ready to invest just yet.. maybe if this news came out it could be very useful way of actually using crypto as an in-person payment method, but I don't see this happening just yet

This is an amazing improvement. Good work

Finally this is what I was looking for. Now it seems like the right time to invest. Thank you so much

wow that is superb.. looking forward to have a fun with socialwallet..

I followed, upvoted and commented

Great to see additional applications opening up to the use of STEEM tokens.

great job. wish u good luck for future.

This is great.....atleast someone is supporting cryptocurrency.....and keeping it safe out is really a great work i guess should be appriciated by everyone.....let me make some i will be among the earliest members to sign up.....😊

thanks for your information

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amazingly different and intersting

I support your work, spreading info about krypto thats a great shop. Keep sharing.

Upvoted and followed :)

This is great news I really enjoyed that post thanks a lot keep it up

this is a wonder ful post I am waiting for it I am a new person in steemit can you help me...... please

Very interesting, looks really promising

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endekatan dua cabang kami untuk menerapkan platform yang mudah digunakan, bersamaan dengan peluncuran Inisiatif Wallet Sosial, akan membantu mendorong pengguna baru, yang sebelumnya tidak pernah menggunakan kriptourrency, menuju Wallet Sosial dalam upaya untuk membuat hyperconnecting di seluruh dunia.

&#128001 Cool! This is helpful. Thanks & wonderful!

hello sir @thecryptodrive, I am @princessjoyesto and i want to inform you that i chose you as one of my witness. Thank you in advance.


This is really Waoh, am patiently waiting for it.

Without passing judgement here, I'm curious as to which social media ecosystem a social wallet will be more beneficial: Steemit or classical social media?
Could be interesting to ponder about that

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Kindly do the same for me on my recent post.
Here is the link to my recent post

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