BuildTeam & Social Wallet Join Forces To Revolutionize Social Media!

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BuildTeam is proud to announce its partnership with Social Wallet in a project partner and advisory role to support this new and revolutionary social networking cryptocurrency platform!

Social Wallet is an innovative startup, focused on the goal of introducing over 2.5 billion social media users to cryptocurrency. Their guiding philosophy revolves around a mission of mass cryptocurrency adoption, achieved by means of an easy to use platform combined with social outreach & community aid initiatives.

By combining the limitless power of the blockchain with the network reach of social media, Social Wallet plans on bringing cryptocurrency to the forefront of everyone’s mind!

With the ambitious goal of making "crypto for everyone” Social Wallet plans to aid and help the social and cryptocurrency communities grow & prosper together.

BuildTeam invites you to join the Social Wallet token sale!

The Social Wallet token sale is about to start on February 7th, 2018 on their website Keep in mind the Social Wallet token, WIRE, is not a security but rather a utility token with multiple benefits described in their whitepaper.

The WIRE token will be available for purchase at a price of $0.15 USD with a bonus of up to 25% being available for the early birds! Currently accepted cryptocurrencies for this token sale are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. BuildTeam's first priority is working to assist in adding Steem and Steem Dollars into the mix of payment options for the token sale.

What the Social Wallet partnership means for BuildTeam token holders...

From a brand marketing point of view, BuildTeam will be listed as partners of Social Wallet on their website and wherever else appropriate. Lead representatives of BuildTeam will feature on the advisor panel of Social Wallet for further visibility.

Social Wallet will remunerate BuildTeam for various adhoc services it performs which will go towards the general BuildTeam income fund and be subject to the standard token staking distribution rules, increasing revenue for our token holders.

BuildTeam will also receive a WIRE masternode which will have a portion of its WIRE rewards distributed to all BUILDTEAM token stakers. This means BuildTeam investors will simultaneously earn bi-monthly Steem and WIRE payments, which will be the first chance for token holders to earn staking income from multiple tokens.

In addition to this, BuildTeam will have future opportunities to integrate its services with Social Wallet, thus setting the stage for mutually beneficial collaboration to further build out the platform.

...and what it means for Steem

BuildTeam has agreed to provide many support based services to Social Wallet which include, but are not limited to, the following: advisory services, marketing, advertising, graphic design and adhoc development as needed.

As seasoned authorities on Steem and its blockchain, BuildTeam will also be playing a major role in their marketing efforts specifically within the Steem ecosystem.

Social Wallet has made it a priority to reach out to Steemians in a real and sincere effort to invite them into the Social Wallet ecosystem, starting with their official blog on Steemit which can be reached here:

Social Wallet and BuildTeam fully understand that the Steem platform is a natural target for many future synergies, given its nature as the first social media platform to directly integrate cryptocurrency into its everyday use.

Collectively, we look forward to targeting and developing these synergies. Social Wallet serves the role of a complementary tool which can boost the goals of the Steem community, and vice versa. Consequently, the Social Wallet team has graciously decided to do a massive WIRE airdrop for Steem users, proportional to the amount of Steem Power held by each Steem account. More details about this will be forthcoming at a later date.

BuildTeam is very excited about partnering with Social Wallet, in what we feel will be a complete renaissance and merger of social networks with cryptocurrency on a scale that introduces the masses to an easy way of using cryptocurrency in everyday life!

We are convinced that this strategic partnership and the support the two organizations provide each other will continue to grow as time goes on, resulting in many opportunities for both parties.

Finally, we’d like to encourage you to take a moment to go over to the Social Wallet website and learn more about this exciting opportunity to be involved with their new and revolutionary social media cryptocurrency platform. We hope you can see their potential, espectially for Steem, and offer the Steem community's full support in their ongoing operations as we have.

Give us feedback

We are always looking to improve @buildteam and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @buildteam, then feel free to leave a comment below.

Join the conversation on our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other BuildTeam fans!

Please remember, that while we are a business and work for a profit, that we share a good deal of our income with the various investors in our services. There is no other booster or voting service available which shares its rewards with such a diverse set of people on the Steem blockchain.

Thank you for your continued support.

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

BuildTeam is directed by CEO @thecryptodrive (Witness), CFO @cryptomancer and CTO @reggaemuffin (Witness).

Set @buildteam as your witness proxy today and contribute to building a better tomorrow!

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This sounds good. Crypto currency and social networks is definitely an awesome match. @thecryptodrive I will be contacting you soon about a proposal. Great job !

I likeyour thinking

Awwn @datageek you here it's been a while you posted on your blog. M glad I met u here buddy, hope you have been your awesome self? Social wallet is a welcomed innovative project @buildteam. You guys rock, thumbs up.


Thanks for letting us know. Isn't the feature set on offer here essentially matched by the pre-existing service from reddcoin ?

We like Reddcoin. They have a Chrome extention you have to download for Twitter, Reddit, and Twitch.

Our token, WIRE, features direct integration technology for : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Steem, YouTube, Google+, Email, Facebook, QQ, LinkedIn, Twitch, Discord, Telegram, Qzone, Tumblr, Reddit plus many more in the pipeline.

Our biggest functional feature is there is no need for the receiving end user to know anything about crypto or that the tokens have been sent to them. They get a direct notification on their Social Network, and with one click, will be able to receive those tokens directly into their Social Wallet acct.

We feel the quantity of social networks compatible, the direct integration of our platform within each social network, and ease of use are major competitive advantages to everyone currently in the market.

What do you think?

I think that sounds great! I only hope the reality will be as simple and easy as you describe it. I have a very hard time explaining Steem to non-tech people.

I truly hope this will onboard many new people into the crypto-sphere, as we could all benefit from mass adoption!

It really is as simple as I describe. We are speakers at a bitcoin superconference in Dallas this weekend. We will be be capturing video of conference attendees using the live platform to send and receive WIRE through any social media account of their choosing. We will be editing the video to produce an official live demo video for everyone to watch. Once everyone catches a glimpse of exactly how our platform works we anticipate our tokens sales will explode.

Allright, looks promising, I got some.

FYI "Received" should not be written as "recieved". For the rest: compliments the whole process was pretty smooth, nice job!

Ah. Nice catch! Fixed. I'm glad to hear the purchasing process was smooth. We worked hard on it. Steem will be an available purchase option starting today. We are excited.

As a holder of small amount of BT, what do I have to do to receive the staking share?

Always something new :D

Welcome to the community.

I liked what you wrote in regards to contributing to the Steem ecosystem, but what is the overall problem your underlying coin aims to solve?

Also, how do you intend to negotiate the "utility token, not security" minefield from the SEC?

We brought on a legal team who has previously, and successfully, navigated this minefield. Everything we are doing is calculated. The problem is clear: Many companies have tried to figure out how to send crypto, universally, over social networks. Some have achieved some sort of success. Reddcoin has a Chrome extension for Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch. We are big fans of Steem and what they have been able to accomplish within their own ecosystem. Our platform solves the "universal" word in this equation. Now you can send crypto over almost every social network you choose. (See our Roadmap). We are the first, and only, to create a platform of this magnitude. Just imagine the application for Steem alone to branch out beyond the borders of its current ecosystem. Very exciting times.

Oh I just heard about Social Wallet today how I wish i saw this first before I invested to Envion or maybe I can have both.. :)
Thanks for the info..

This definitely sounds like a very interesting opportunity for steem to become more mainstream and get new users as well as investors interested.
Will be following this development to see how it turns out.

Steem...amplified! Lets do this!

definitely agree! looks great. but with everything going on lately with the regulators I'll be sitting on the sidelines too. I've been following it closely and posted a few things on my blog.

Regulators just had a meeting yesterday and they were, surprisingly, very positive toward Crypto. We are obviously monitoring closely but are optimistic the positive vibes continue. They are just worried about fraud and ponzi schemes. We are not their concern.

How to make, to be your menber? to me.

Since i get that both @buildteam and @socialwallet are reading these comments, so writing to both groups
But first, congratz on the partnering

Cant wait to get my hands on some.
Do i have to set up a wire wallet to get the buildteam node payout?
For staking do i have to have a wallet open 24/7? Or can it work like neo where you just keep it in your wallet
And is there no way to get tokens with steem in the ico?

Thanks for the kind words. The Social Wallet platform is very innovative. One of the best features is the receiver doesn't even need to know the transaction is taking place. They get a notification that someone has sent them coins, then when they click on the notifications it installs the platform with the coins in the wallet. Its so easy! We built it to be used by advanced users, but simple enough someone with no crypto knowledge could navigate through it. For staking the wallet needs to be open. As for your last question...don't ruin the next big announcement!!

Very good step. Cryptocurrencies are future of the money market. We will join you. Keep it up.

it is really interesting one!!!that type i encuresed to purchase at buildteam token and encourase people. what can i do for it?

Sounds interesting.

Love reading something new. Thanks for this. Just upvoted you, hope to hear from you

Hi buildteam! This is just awesome. An airdrop of WIRE tokens in the future that can, in turn, increase our money here in Steemit. I am waiting patiently for it to come. Upvoted!

Glad you are seeing the picture clearly. SO much opportunity with this partnership.

Always someting new....great job

Anyway though, thanks so much for posting like this.

Is that new social media platform?
I have never hear before

We are a platform FOR the platform. You can take any cryptocurrency you want, attach it to our platform, and send it to anyone's social media account on any social media network. Any idea's on which cryptocurrency we should invite onto our platform first?!

Great to see this partnership come into fruition! :)
Glad to be able to contribute to these projects.. it is going to be awesome!

How are you contributing beekeart?

hey mate :)
I work for buildteam as art director, so from time to time ill be asked for advice in terms of art and graphics and when needed create some work for SW (pssst.. their steembanner! ) ;)

It's a great informatio, thank you for sharing :)

Seriously though, how is this different from steemit?

Hi Sylviam. We aren't a competitor to Steem. We are an amplifier! As stated above, we are a platform FOR the platform. Imagine the applications if you could send Steem anywhere you wanted on any social media platform. They sky would be the limit!

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Nict post, thanks for share

Thanks for the information and helping me as a beginner in terms of making my own personal wallet. @buildteam is not too hard to sell and buy. But to register there is no complicated.

thank you for sharing extraordinary information

Hope they will succeed, a lot of startups and projects are trying to reach mass adoption in some way. First movers have an advantage.

Can imagine a cryptocurrency not wanting to expand their reach?! We can't....and that is exactly what our platform does!

Need to take time to read the whitepaper. With 6 hours left in pre-sale I will not be able to participate in first round. But round #2 - maybe.

There is 7 days in the first round. You can get there!

Right, it was countdown until pre-sale starts. Ok, I'll look into it.

this is good news for all steem users.

Oh, it is just getting started.

Whoever upvotes and follows me I will do the same to them. Just write done after you're done

Hey I am still learning about this tech and all the constant upgrades... Im sure the ability to generate funding is always going to have changes afoot... what an exciting time to be using what is the social media 2.0. Cheers.

get something new..keep it up.

Beautiful... This will make things very easy

So easy. We are making a Demo video now to show how seamless it will be.

I always confuse you guys with blocktrades because of the similar logo.

Please upvote and resteem @cappatung

useful information and. added science

your post is a veery veery good

This is amazing! I encourage everyone to purchase BUILDTEAM tokens and vest them.
looks like @buildteam is going somewhere amazing :)

How Can I earn WIRE?

i like it, this good information for all..

Nice to build team, perfeck

today and contribute to building a better tomorrow!
i like this words

I agree. If we want the ball to keep on rolling for crypto, we need the masses to accept and adopt it.

@buildteam I just bought 35.8 BT and already staked! And this news with @socialwallet is great!

I have many questions but the main one is regarding the Airdrop of WIRE to STEEM SP Holders. Once the airdrop occurs, were can SP Holders claim the WIRE tokens?

Thanks again and congratulations for the partnership!

Regards, @gold84

There will be a post released soon laying out the details of the airdrop. As long as you follow Social Wallet and BuildTeam you will not miss it.

Perfect, thanks for the follow up.

Regards, @gold84

Nice post

Good luck for your steam 😉

I am waiting for your support. For me last post 😊

Thank you so much. Good evening 😊

The only way how to get some BUILDTEAM tokens is to buy them on openledger right?

Build is so innovative I get all excited when they postv...GREAT MOVE

good post, hopefully get more votes and inspire the stemian in general and myself in particular

I must say i love how cryptocurrency is being integrated into social media. the future truly is promising

The Social Purse aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone by combining the unlimited power of blockchain and social media interconnectivity.

We are very focused on our goal of introducing more than 2.5 billion social media users to cryptocurrency. Our guide philosophy in this journey revolves around the mission of crypto-card adoption through social media.

Our two-pronged approach to implementing an easy-to-use platform, together with the launch of the Social Wallet Initiative, will help drive new users, who have never used cryptourrency to Social Wallet in an attempt to create hyperconnecting around the world.

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