Social Media Users Rate Instagram As Most Damaging To Young People's Mental Health

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According to a recent study from the UK, Instagram is rated as the worst social media platform when it comes to negatively impacting the mental health of young people.

At least 1479 people were included in the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) study. And they were between the ages of 14-2 years old. The participants were required to rate various apps according to things like loneliness, bullying, body image, depression, and anxiety.

The RSPH concluded in their study that various social media platforms might be negatively impacting society by fueling a mental health crisis with young people today.

The younger generation is the most active when it comes to using social media. And while there are many people who have had negative experiences, there are many others who have had positive ones on the platform. With respect to Instagram for example, the report found that it wasn't all bad; the social media site had a positive effective on self-identity, emotional support, and self-expression.

After Instagram, Snapchat was the next lowest scoring platform, followed by Facebook, and then Twitter, and finally Youtube.

When it comes to the rates of depression and anxiety with youth today, researchers point out that over the last 70 years the rates have increase about 70 percent. A number of researchers have linked social networking sites as contributing factors to promoting a lot of anxiety and depression with young people.

Previous studies have linked heavy social media use to depression, and others suggest that it might promote isolation.

But these sites have also done a lot of good. They've connected long lost family members and friends. They help people to stay in touch who live far away from one another. They can offer small businesses and others a free and easy way to start marketing their business and building a brand. They can help to share valuable information with millions of people around the world. Like any tool, these social media sites can be used for good or bad.

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Thats so true, steemit is the only type of social media I use.

I guess we should see the benefits of these social sites. A little damage is sure shot to happen with every new technology. It's on the society on how to minimize it, without blocking it completely........

Instagram is great for inspiration in terms of fashion, decor, framing a photograph, and aesthetically pleasing things/people, but it just isn't for socializing. Meant to motivate but turned toxic somehow. Perhaps the people one follows has a great deal to do with it, ie: Follow an account posting positive quotes vs Follow a famous celebrity who posts about expensive cars. The account with positive quotes is going to inspire and motivate whereas the celebrity account will only show you things you think you need or way to look. Though for some, the opposite rings true. it's how you use it, right?

i also find it cliquish, big accounts tend to stick together, it's hard to grow and be noticed. considering deleting mine. Steemit all the way!

Seems to me that the social media take their turns at being the numbers leader in the usage population. I remember when Twitter had low usage, but over the months/years acquired a large following. Even the presidential candidates joined in the fray.
I am hoping that the growing trend to adopt our beloved Steemit will continue growing. I don't see why not.

I use Instagram but with a lifestyle theme that's very positive and uplifting and provides that as it's community. That being said when you just cruise through Instagram and randomly look about I've never seen so many displays of artificial "perfection", blatant consumption and lifestyles that are so far removed from reality it's ridiculous. Not a kind environment for anyone when you spend time looking at unattainable objects but really rough for young people who are trying to find their way in this world. Never thought of it until I read your post. It makes all those "pretty pictures" not look so pretty when you look at it from that context.

Yes, I couldn't agree with you anymore. It's quite funny how behind the cameras their lives are probably relatively mundane and repetitive and they use their active social media accounts as a projection of the ideal life they want to live. We become fraudulent when we use these particular platforms, lying to ourselves and distancing our real identity so it is out of reach.

very good ;)

This is sadly, very true. I don't use instagram or facebook and I love it. Thanks for sharing!

There obsolete.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I've heard of Instagram but never used it.

I could never enough interest to even bother looking into instagram....or snapchat....or twitter.

Im not against with social media because its the trend of the new generation. Its just that sometimes I find it unhealthy due to the absence of physical involvement. Our connection reaches far beyond the walls of the world but we dont know them personally. Social media is not bad, we just have to use it with caution.

I need to break my wife's heart... it's her latenight guilt pleasure...

I was thinking about this recently. I remember how neurotic I was a teenager. Glad I was born before the social media crazy, especially instagram. Nice post! Upvoted.

I had to comment because we keep missing each other and I hope this meme with such fun does not cause you any discomforts! lol

thanks for taking the time man, hope you have a good weekend

You always as well.

The #SteemitCampfire series is on again this weekend if you have time to stop by again!

but only if you want to...



Sad but true...

Outstanding narrative! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

Sure really dangerous, I think it's really hard for parents to control children and take them safe. I think steem platform could be on a right way

What the Fuck is with the whole separation in society? Why is it that we are becoming more and more distant from each other. You are right, social media has most of the hold on that. With social media, we can get all of our needs met but it's all fake. I hate that. We used to have a good close bond with our family or tribe and we would help each other out. Now, it's all egotistical and we don't care about our neighbor. Some don't even see their family anymore. I want to start getting to know my neighbor and bring her food and see how she is doing. Put down your phones and knock on your neighbors door. It would be easier to ask them for an egg than get it ordered from amazon.

I use Instagram frequently, I like to share the pictures I take, but don't really use much else, I am hoping to get into steemit, this site does what it does well and I'm enjoying it so far.