You can make money at Steemit and like me, leave the tyrants with their ruins

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As of the last two years it has been revealed that there have been massive amounts of censorship on social media by major social media outlets. These outlets claim to be a public, open and neutral platforms without political biases, however it has been shown time and time again that these outlets are engaging in political censorship, even so much as to have deleted the account of the POTUS temporarily.
During the Project Veritas sting video many twitter employees admitted to engaging in political censorship via a tactic called "shadow banning" and that these companies are creating and using algorithms to censor conservative speech.
During congressional hearings there were many cases pointed out where these companies have specifically singled out congress people, the president of the USA, and popular conservative commentators. Of course these social media companies deny in engaging in these politically bias censorship tactics, but the proof is becoming ever so obvious.
In the video that I posted here I documented many conservatives (certainly only a small fraction of the whole) who have been targeted, as well as exposing the unfair practices of these companies, which negates their claims to being neutral and unbias.

I have left most of these platforms, or am currently in the process of wrapping up my business with these platforms. I have began making archives of the content found at my channels on these social media platforms as well.

I have been amazed at how profitable Steemit and are already becoming and they are in a very much starter stage of their businesses. I have been investing a lot of time and some resources in producing content on these semi-decentralized platforms as well as on my own platforms.

Thank you for tuning in, please stay tuned.

The links to our new social media accounts are below.

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I wrote up a post on a similar sentiment to this (y)

Yeah I agree with you 100% the fear of having my channel deleted has made me very weary on the other platforms. That is why I have now committed to posting my content here. I think when you get a company that unfairly attacks content creators then it is time to pack it up! I'm am even re-considering keeping my twitter up. All of the censorship is becoming worse and worse and then to top it all of FB has been outsourcing our data. It was about time for something like steemit, dtube and dlive to arrive. Great post!

Im with ya man, I am leaving my social media up on the other sites, and instead of contributing to their success, I am just leaving banners that leads my current network to Steemit. I hope you got a chance to watch the video that I included. Im trying to step up my creativity and workmanship for this awesome platform, so I am introducing animated characters to narrate the news casts that I am posting. Bless up! I'll follow you!

I will do the same! Let's support each other.

Wow thats awesome .thanks for posting :)