people intent on leveraging their knowledge gained working with Steem to design and develop a new blockchain

Doesn't sound like they're sticking around.

That is why I posed the question, as to whether they would help out or as you say are they abandoning us.

Abandon is such an ugly word 😔

Tron is forking Steem. I don't see us holding off his constant purchase of more Steem until he has the requisite stake to govern Steem at his sole option, and then he'll fork.

Steem isn't sticking around.

When that fork comes, what should the fork we go to look like? Should we go with Tron? I probably won't, because I don't expect Steem to enable it's community to remain viable after Tron seizes it.

What do you think the fork we land on should look like? Isn't that what the Steem Team should be discussing?

These guys aren't Tron. All I see is current and former Steempeeps working on chains which will not be Steem but something else entirely based on Steem. I can't think of any fork or split of a coin that was better off than the original. All the BTC forks have failed in comparison to Bitcoin. Ethereum classic was a flop. Tron hasn't said anything about forking Steem. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Blockchain History ...

  • Ethereum Classic is actually the original ETH chain, so technically speaking ... Ethereum (the fork of ETH Classic) is better than ETC.

  • Litecoin (a fork of Tenebrix) is better than Tenebrix (which is ded).

  • NEM (a fork of NXT) is better than NXT (even prior to the new codebase).

  • Monero (a fork of Bytecoin) is better than Bytecoin (even prior to the new codebase).

I'm sure there are plenty of other lesser examples, but these are the most glaring and popular.

Many of the people who worked on BTC worked on Ethereum. Many of the people who worked on Steem worked on EOS.

I think Tron has shown it certainly intends to fork asap, as Roy Liu has repeatedly indicated they reckon reducing powerdown time dramatically necessary, and from various statements regarding their plans for Steemit, Inc., and Steem. It's also been reported to me that Sun has offered proxy.token voters things that could only be provided by a fork.

There's little doubt in my mind that Tron will undertake a fork asap.

I appreciate your courteous reply. Thanks!

How so? We’re still here. And if your proposal got funding I’m sure we’d be happy to contribute to the Steem code base. This is still a very new effort. Part of the reason we wanted to make this announcement is so that we could begin getting suggestions from Steemians and explore different opportunities like your proposal, which seems like a great idea btw!

Yes I think we would consider it.

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