Announcing the Social Blockchain Working Group

Hello Steemians,

I am excited to inform you of a new Working Group made up of people intent on leveraging their knowledge gained working with Steem to design and develop a new blockchain featuring improved decentralization, distribution, functionality, and usability with a suite of tools that will empower entrepreneurs to build out decentralized social applications on a truly shared and open ecosystem.

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The Blockchain Working Group

This group, with over 40 years of aggregate blockchain experience, has been meeting over the last few days to discuss various ideas for improving existing blockchain frameworks. We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress.


I want to like this but i have some issues. In this sensitive time where several groups are already trying to figure out solutions to the apparent hostile activities of Tron that apparently pushed many of you from steemit inc... you decide to put more uncertainty into this whole situation. I'm guessing it's not intentional and I'm uncertain if it will be fully problematic.

You gave Not actual solutions but an announcement that you're gonna take a hack at it... with no time frame and no specifics.

I think many of you are very capable obviously and learning from steem's journey could probably lead you to do wonderful things. And in theory you could have something soooo much better ... on paper. But that doesn't always translate... and here you cast doubt on what everyone else is ACTUALLY doing... not planning on doing, but really actually doing right now. It just feels like I worry that people hear "hey don't try to fix anything we're gonna give a shot at it eventually". There is something to be said about everything steem can do even in it's flawed way and I don't want to see people stop posting just because they think another group is gonna have something better... MAYBE... EVENTUALLY.

I support groups working on different things but I just want the rest of the audience reading this to understand that this isn't a concrete promise, this isn't an actual blockchain, this isn't anything until it actually happens. We can cheer them on and then let the market place of ideas decide if their time was worth it.

I would be much more excited about it if they were working on ways to improve steem, not kill it in a roundabout way.

Come on.. Someone else is destroying it and we all know him


Agreed with you! Adsolutely!

" you cast doubt on what everyone else is ACTUALLY doing..."

I am a bit mystified at this doubt claim. All I read they are doing is meeting to discuss how the code can be improved. If that somehow casts doubt on Steempeak and the excellent work you've been doing there, I missed that completely. If you're referring to casting doubt on some other actions being taken, I missed how their statement is a comment on anything else, except that there's almost certainly going to be a hardfork, and we'd better be ready.

"...meeting over the last few days to discuss various ideas for improving existing blockchain frameworks."

I am kind of surprised at the strong reactions I am reading in the comments here, and really feel I'm missing some essential information. That makes me feel incompetent to rationally judge the current situation.

Any light you could share would be very appreciated.


This is exactly how we meant this to be interpreted. Definitely not trying to confuse people or encourage them to stop posting. Just wanted to get information out there as soon as we could.

I reckon open communications is critical more than ever now that we face overt and covert threats on Steem. Folks may not think of it, but it's almost a certainty that others are deceiving us regarding their intentions and purposes during this crisis.

Folks that state clearly what they intend and do that will provide obvious refugia when the confusion of deception stirs the community.


This doesn't actually seem like it will help steem?

i dunno how many people heard him on palnet but @andrarchy only "talks" about his intentions of not wanting to split the community, but an announcement like this only points in that direction. keep in mind that justin "talks" about his intentions of not being interested in steem governance when his actions are completely the opposite. it seems like they have something in common where they seriously need to work on their "head of communications" skills.

I personally feel that we should take a breather and see how things could go right if it is possible, and not to jump into conclusion that this will end up a chain split.

yes. lemme just add that 8 people calling "a new blockchain" a benefit to steem is the quickest jump to a conclusion.

It is our plan to help Steem. Whatever technologies we develop will be open source and available to the Steem witnesses. The whole purpose of this communication is to inform Steemians of our project so that they can provide their feedback and ensure that our solution does benefit Steem. Thanks for sharing the fact that this was not clear.

could you pls stop saying that it's gonna benefit steemians? you don't own the community, so i dunno why you think you can decide that for every individual on this platform? what are the reasons that makes you 100% sure that it's not gonna harm them?

why not lay out your reasons and let people decide for themselves? you don't have to sugarcoat it with words like "improved decentralization" or "40 years of aggregate blockchain experience". people will do that for you if they believe in you.

you guys could've uploaded a recorded discussion on how this new blockchain is gonna benefit steemians and asked for community feedback, but instead you make an announcement like some politician telling everyone that it's somehow gonna be good for them while giving out no details whatsoever.

but ultimately it is a step away from Steem, right? Would you support a HF without the ninja mined stake?

I would. Yes

happy to hear!

This is like saying bitcoin developing a social site that everyone in crypto flocks to will benefit steem. They are two competing projects. Sure in a weird round about way, one could always copy the other, but at that point it may be too late to matter as one will win. There will always be winners and losers and you guys building something that gets right what steem got wrong hardly seems like a benefit to steem.

The most likely outcome?

If you are successful, your project does well and steem dies. And the reason you are pushing it here is you are trying to pull the community from here to your project. If not, why even announce it all?

Are you going to make the fork of the steem code, and implement SMT, communities, and more features?

Isn't that we were all waiting for?!?!

Ok, stupid question 🤣
Sure we were!

why don't you make these "meetings" public? rather than keeping everything a secret thinking the community is just gonna agree with everything you come up with? are your communications gonna be as malicious as justin's?

The meetings we have had were mainly focused on agreeing to this announcement and the phrasing of it :) The plan is to do as much in public as possible. My preference would be through a Steem community

thank you. i hope you understand that a general statement like "a new blockchain" is to a lot of people just as ambiguous as justin's "token swap". i also have no idea how the 8 of you came to a conclusion that a new blockchain is gonna benefit steemians, or exactly how you plan on delivering "improved decentralization".

i'm pissed off that dictators like ned/justin are still controlling the blockchain, but i have nothing against you wanting to work on projects that motivate you the most. perhaps instead of a single post, there might be less confusion if you guys record a discussion and let people decide for themselves whether it's gonna be a benefit or not.

Great idea, thanks for the feedback

Hey @jarvie I understand your issues and I am confident we can alleviate your concerns. We certainly did not intend to encourage people to stop using Steem. OpenSeed will continuing building tools for Steem application developers and plans to support Steem (or another fork of Steem if that’s what the community chooses) indefinitely.

I apologize for the bad timing but we wanted to make as many people aware that we are meeting as soon as we could so that we could have as much of this conversation in public as possible. We want to communicate with amazing Steem app developers like SteemPeak while we’re in the process of developing our technology, instead of making decisions in a dark room and then telling you all “how it’s going to be.” Again I apologize for the bad timing, that being said, in these difficult times it’s hard to know whether there is such a thing as a “good time” for anything. No community in the world is as important to me as the Steem community. I believe I have proven that.

Whatever we do, I am 100% confident that it will benefit Steemians. But in order to make sure it does, we’ll need your valuable feedback.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to continuing the conversation.

I can accept that. I appreciate the response. I do believe in the marketplace of ideas and still have confidence everything will work out well. I just want to create a location for content creators to really feel at home and a place where they and their viewers dont feel any strong dependencies on any of us.

Could not agree more. I look forward to demonstrating that our goals are aligned :)

A sister chain where justin's and his supporters' stake is forked out? Yes pls!

A brand new chain? Not interested.

If ninja mined coins are removed from the fork, all ninja-mined coins should be.


But what about the euros invested I invested in steem and all the work? And that multiple witness servers I paid for more then a year to witness not one block?

A new chain everybody begins a new chain? Now allready 2 different groups? You know that binance
Unfroze 12million tron right? So that's liquid now.

Why not make steem better? The development fund steemit inc pre mined is 25% of steem. You can do something with that right? Mr. Sun can say and shout what he wants I'm not crazy and not mad at him trying to do business his way. 1 simple question.... where is the development fund created to maintain the steemblockchain? How did the development get paid then and now?

Awesome, so if successful this will take all value from steem?

Why don't you try building something that will benefit steem.

Is this project planning to contribute to the Steem DPoS challenges in the short term (ie in less than 7 day time period) or is this an entirely new initiative not related Steem Blockchain ?

It's a new blockchain. They got your cashpiggy broken because of the keep the top 20 in the top 20 votesystem now it's time for a new cashpiggy on your sidetable.

Its a new project unrelated to the current incidents of Steem blockchain database

I wouldn’t say this is unrelated to the Steem blockchain, we just don’t know enough yet, but we are not developing anything with such a short time horizon. This is a longer term initiative to re-evaluate all previous design decisions. I support other short term initiatives and believe they have the talent necessary to accomplish their goals.

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