The 'downward' button is going on in Facebook

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The world's popular social media Facebook Like button in Facebook post is very popular But the 'down-votes' button for those who want to delete or hide objectionable or unsolicited Facebook comments.

Facebook has already started limited testing in the United States. But they do not have to discontinue this 'dislike' button. Facebook users have been requesting to add a 'dislike' or dislike button for a long time. A small number of users in the US have been able to use the 'down-vote' button on a trial basis. Facebook authorities have confirmed their inspection of the 'down-vote' button to a site called 'Ket Crunch'.

The down-votes button has its own distinctive features. The downward button is going to start in the comments section. Initially, it will work just like the Digalic Button. However, for those comments or posts, using the dislike button, they will be able to hide the post or comment. And who can do that post oCommented, he said.The 'option' to inform that the comment is indecent or irrelevant. Facebook has said, the reaction button will be launched. The down button will be associated with this button. In particular, Facebook Messenger has a thumbs up or like button. This button is running the thapas down or the dyslike button to test the launch of Facebook.

On Thursday, Facebook's experiments came openly. However, it was withdrawn some time later. But Facebook clearly did not tell when this button was going to open. Their comment, it is still at the test-level stage.

Facebook added new benefits like profit, haha, wao, sadd and angi emoticon to the user's post on 24 February 2016. And since the beginning, emoticons have gained quite popular. In a recent statement, Facebook has said that about 30 billion rubles of which only 179 million users have used profit reactions

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Is it available now?


It will be start from end of the month


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