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The social media, without any iota of doubt, has and will continue to revolutionize the way the world's population interact. It is an invention that makes the world to be a truly global place and has been opined that by the end of the year 2021, the number of social media users would have run into an estimated figure of 3.02 billion. Consequently, social media has become a goldmine for data scientists. Depending on the targeted usage, a wide range of data can be obtained through social media.

Businesses now mine demography and social analytics data from social media for marketing decisions while the traditional method of questionnaire administration for research purpose is gradually being replaced by online polls or surveys. However, online data and survey results can easily be compromised and manipulated to suit the narratives of whosoever that is in charge. This challenge has been virtually eliminated with the development of blockchain technology which is immutable and extremely difficult to compromise.

Meet Lumeos - An incentivized social polling platform

Lumeos is a decentralized social polling application built on the EOS blockchain that not only allow users to create and answer social surveys but also get paid for doing such. The creator of polls on the platform owns the right to the resulting data and can do whatever they like with it, including monetizing it. Hence, the data are cryptographically locked to third parties and only accessible by the poll creators or any other person that the creators grant access. Both poll creators and responders get the Lume token for their activities on the platform.

Getting aboard Lumeos is quite easy. A new user will need to visit the application download page and input his/her phone number after which a link to the download will be sent as a text message to the phone. Clicking on the 'Launch Dapp' at the top right-hand corner of Lumeos profile on the state of the Dapp will also grant new users access to download the application on their phones.

After downloading, users will go through a short process of signing up with appropriate usernames and they will get access to the platform with 500 Lume tokens credited to their in-app wallet for signing up. Users can then choose to verify their phone numbers, email addresses, give feedback or report bugs and answer polls to earn more Lume tokens. The essential components of the app include but not limited to the following;

  • The poll: This is where users can view the available polls. As at the time of writing this review, verified users have an opportunity of answering as many polls as available on the platform and earn 5 Lumen tokens for each poll answered.

  • The communities: The community feature allows users to join existing communities that share his/her interest. Users cannot create new communities on the platform but can submit feedback to suggest the creation of new communities. The capacity to create new communities belongs to the admins of the platform.

  • User's profile: This feature displays the profile of users, the number of Lume tokens in their wallets, the number of followers and following they have on the app and the overall rank of the user on the platform. Users can edit their profile at any period.

Other components of the Lumeo app include the notification tab where users get notified of responses to their comments and the result of their surveys while the leader-board shows the ranks of users according to the number of Lume tokens earned.

The video below gives a brief description of the application.


There are a lot of perks associated with using the Lumeos application. The traditional method of having to print and manually distribute, collate and analyse questionnaires can easily be replaced using the app and not just that, both the creators and the responders of surveys get incentivised for their activities with the Lume token. In addition, apart from the limited options provided in surveys/polls, responders have the chance to extend their options by commenting below the surveys. Both the creators and responders can interact as much as possible in the comment section. This will provide more insight into the surveys.

The stratification of users via the establishment of communities will enable users to carry out target survey. For example, if I want a survey to be answered by Nigerians only, I can easily create such and make it to be visible to only users from Nigeria. Also, there is no fear of poll manipulation since all data are protected by the immutability of the blockchain. Lastly, users own the copyrights to all data from their surveys as poll results are only visible to them.


I really hope that the team behind the app have a plan of deploying the web/desktop version in the nearest future. The app is only accessible via mobile for now.

Also, new users are not allowed to create surveys until they verify their accounts and accumulate a total of 1500 Lume tokens in their wallets. This might end up dampening the enthusiasm of a lot of new users as they will need to spend considerable time answering polls in order to accumulate the said amount as soon as possible.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

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