Inter Milan to Ship Back Alexis Sanchez to United After On-loan Dismay

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Alexis Sanchez' stint with Inter Milan has been frustrating for everyone including himself, and the Chilean international's chance to be signed permanently will reportedly be cancelled. He has struggled to make an impact for the Italian giant, scoring only one goal out of the twenty matches he played - quite disappointing for a player earning roughly around £500,000-per-week. Inter Milan's manager Antonio Conte has already decided he no longer wants his services.

In fact, his stint with Manchester United was also disappointing, which was the apparent reason why the striker was on-loan to Inter. That made the two clubs split his supposed salary with United reportedly paying him £300,000-per-week while Inter is shouldering the remaining £00,000. Now that his on-loan contract expiry at San Siro is getting near, it will be United to suffer all of the expenses.

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His injuries were the main reasons why he hasn't seen enough significance in both clubs, which was totally upsetting, considering the amount he's paid. His form is a concern to United management who must now figure out how to deal with the Chilean forward. It is evident though that Sanchez is an "unwanted forward" from United with Martial, Ighalo, and James all in good form and Marcus Rashford is set to return. They have also been lurking to find one central forward who could bolster up their attacking prowess.

There isn't a place for Sanchez at United to stay, but they have to use his services, who still has over two years remaining on his contract. It is true that the Chilean striker still has the quality to be back on his form, considering he was once a phenomenal striker both from Barcelona and Arsenal. That's the reason why United boss Ole Solskjaer is still optimistic about his return with open arms. He even said: "Alexis will come back in the summer and prove you all wrong."

For Inter Milan, they still have to settle the remaining weeks of paying Sanchez and fork out roughly around £4.3m by the time his on-loan contract expires. What will we see as the Premier League eyeing for return in May?

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