Soccer Sweepstakes 2018/19 ROUND 4 Results

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Match results

Round 4MatchScore
G1Switzerland v Iceland6 - 0
G2England v Spain1 - 2
G3France v Netherlands2 - 1
G4Denmark v Wales2 - 0
G5Germany v Peru2 - 1

Chelsea's Olivier Giroud silence critics as France continue their World Cup celebrations.


Game 1: Switzerland v Iceland - 6 - 0

Switzerland put the hurting on Iceland with a convincing 6 - 0 win at home.

Game 2: England v Spain - 1 - 2

An early Rashford goal was not enough for England as Spain struck back before half time with goals by Saul and Rodrigo.

Game 3: France v Netherlands - 2 - 1

World Champions France celebrated their homecoming with victory over The Netherlands. An Olivier Giroud volley settled proceedings.

Game 4: Denmark v Wales - 2 - 0

Two goals from Tottenham's Christian Eriksen were enough for Denmark to see off Wales.

Game 5: Germany v Peru - 2 - 1

A late Nico Schulz goal sealed a comeback win for Germany against Peru.

First goal scored after: 11 minutes

Marcus Rashford finishes off a flowing move to give England an early lead against Spain

Sweepstakes Result:

Here are this round's winners:

RoundEst. PotPositionShareEst. STEEMEntrantRound/ Position
417.6610.610.596@dragonkingFirst Place
417.6620.35.298@vicspicsSecond Place
417.6630.11.766@shishiristiThird Place

Payouts will be made after OP payouts are confirmed.

This Round's Result

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Extreme fun and sensational experience. UEFA Nations Cup

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Omg I won first place today in first time.
Thanks to organized Soccer-Sweepstakes contest @nanzo-sccop.


Congrats! :)

I din't even know these games happened i must be under my rock still lol


Same here... :)

Thanks @nanzo-sccop , it's been a while since I seen the winners podium. Great job on your own physical transformation (the whole ounce of prevention = a pound of cure thing).