Soccer Sweepstakes 2018/19 ROUND 3 Results

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Match results

Round 3MatchScore
G1Leicester City v Liverpool1 - 2
G2Chelsea v Bournemouth2 - 0
G3Manchester City v Newcastle2 - 1
G4Cardiff v Arsenal2 - 3
G5Burnley v Manchester United0 - 2

Feet don't fail me now...!


Game 1: Leicester City v Liverpool - 1 - 2

In a game that will be notably for Liverpool's new goalkeeper Alisson's error, it is easy to forget that the Reds sealed their 4th win out of 4 this season to topthe league. All in all a perfect start heading into the International break.

Game 2: Chelsea v Bournemouth - 2 - 0

Chelsea also maintained their 100% record with a win over Bournemouth. Chelsea haven't exactly played scintillating football however they are showing enough to suggest they could be contenders this season.

Game 3: Manchester City v Newcastle - 2 - 1

A wonder goal from Kyle Walker sealed the points for the Champions as they laboured past Newcastle United.

Game 4: Cardiff v Arsenal - 2 - 3

Arsenal thought off two Cardiff fight backs to earn a much needed win.

Game 5: Burnley v Manchester United - 0 - 2

Two goals from Romelu Lukaku saw off Burnley as Man United bounce back from last weeks loss to Spurs with an away win.

First goal scored after: 8 minutes

Sterling's stunning after 8 minutes set Man City on their way.

Sweepstakes Result:

In a high scoring week, @xtramedium was one correct prediction away from the jackpot! with 13 points out of 15!

Here are this round's winners: *** UPDATED!***

RoundEst. PotPositionShareEst. STEEMEntrantRound/ Position
3010.613.68@xtramediumFirst Place
3020.36.84@reiseamateurSecond Place
3030.12.28@yuniswety4Third Place

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Hey @nanzo-scoop..
In the third place there seems to be an error in the name of the winner you listed, it should be @yuniswety4 instead of @yuniasyaf ..
I have checked @yuniasyaf collected a total of 3 points, while I collected 11 points ... I hope you update it ...

Please see it:
By @yuniswety4.

![image]() By **@yuniasyaf*..

Thank you..


You're right. Thanks for pointing this out. Scores have been updated.


Rofl! :-D


I won 0.
jey! :)

Becker's touch on ball two weeks ago when he dribbled a player was perfect but he thought he could repeat that last week with Ihenacho but... We know the results.
Nice compilation!

Great work you are doing here nanzo, much love, would have loved a gambling account on steem. Just saying your doing it sir keep up the good work

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@nanzo-scoop I am maniac about football i like your post ,nice informative post
@nanz0-scoop please upvote me i am new here please-

Congrats @xtramedium, @reiseamateur and @yuniswety4 as this week winners. Thanks to @nanzo-scoop for making this contest.

Good information about Soccer matches.
well done my dear friend

Haven't followed soccer for quite a long time. But it's nice you run this competition, Nanzo. Hope all the soccer fans on Steem good luck in winning it!

I don't want pogba for ManU anymore, he looks apathetic

Hi @nanzo-scoop.
Many thanks for your post Good luck!

All the best.