The SoCal Spotlight - Week 47

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Welcome to week 47 of the SoCal Spotlight!

Each week the SoCal Spotlight highlights five of the awesome posts from #socalsteemit! So, lets dive on in and see what kind of cool stuff the SoCal Steemians have been posting about this week!

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First up this week we have @armentor who took advantage of a break in the rains to capture a bunch of awesome sunset photos as well as one of a beautiful rainbow in Santa Monica, CA!

California Sunsets #92 ~ Golden Hour



Up next we have @bxlphabet who tells us about attending the last SoCal Steemit Meetup at the Brunswick Lanes bowling alley in Norco, CA!

SoCal Steemit Meetup Report @bxlphabet



In our third post this week @zetetrahedron369 shares a couple photos of some really neat looking African Daisies that were blooming in Home Depot!

African Daisies



Next @kunschj tells us about seeing Glenn Close receive the 2019 Maltin Modern Masters Award, and how her dog Pip wandered on stage and stole the show!

Cruella de Vil...A Dog Lover ???



In our last post for this week @fitinfun shares some mountain photos are from when she lived on a "compound" that was surrounded by mountains outside of Fallbrook CA!

Mountain Monday Goes to the Compound Fallbrook California


And that's gonna do it for week 47 of the SoCal Spotlight! All featured posts have received full 100% upvotes and have been resteemed by @socalsteemit. If you enjoyed these posts please give them an upvote and be sure to check out ALL the awesome posts at #socalsteemit!!

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SoCal Steemit Weekly Voice Chat

Hey SoCal Steemit members, tuesdays (tonight) at 8pm we will be having our 'SoCal Weekly Chat' in the voice chat channel in our Discord server. So come say hi and have some fun chatting with your fellow SoCal Steemians!


?New Mystery Photo Clue?

Rumor has it that equipment from it’s construction was left on the lake bed and still remains at the bottom of the lake today.

make your guess here


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Thank you for the spotlight! That was a fun stop. I will have ore photos coming of that place. I just got my external drive fired up :) I'll be sure to visit the others. I'm so glad to see all the California stories.

Thanks for the spotlight. ReSteemed. :)

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