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Welcome to Mystery Photo Fridays!

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Hello and welcome to this weeks Mystery Photo Fridays. A weekly contest for the #socalsteemit community, beginning and ending each friday at around 9am, where we'll post a photo of a place or thing here in Southern California and ask you to guess where or what the photo is in the comments. And the Steemian who guesses correct first will win 2SBI!!


Our winner for last weeks contest is @csusbgeochem1!!


Last Weeks Photo

The winning comment

The Answer - Panamint Valley

Great job.

You won the 2SBI prize!




Here is this weeks Mystery Photo!!

click photo to view large

The first two clues for this week are -

  • This is a man made lake Southern California.
  • Construction of the lake was finished in 1939.

More clues will be given throughout the week on our other posts, so stay tuned!

So what or where is it?? Let’s hear your best guesses! First correct guess wins. And the winner will be announced at the start of next weeks Mystery Photo Fridays contest!

Good Luck!

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Lake Gregory? looks about right, and the time frame is correct...

I am going to guess that is Lake Yosemite in Merced

I was going to say Lake Hodges - but that was finished in 1919... Hmmmm. You have been to too many places - Or I haven't been at enough of them LOL

I looked this thing up. And the only one I could see completed in 1939 is this one: Pacheco Creek Everything else says 1938 🤪

Ellis Lake?

Lake Mathews

It hurts that I do not live in that part of the country, but luck to all

Pacheco Reservoir?

Thanks for running the contest!

Lake Mathews (located in the Cajalco Valley)