The SoCal Spotlight - Week 15

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Welcome to week 15 of the SoCal Spotlight!

Each week the SoCal Spotlight highlights five of the awesome posts from #socalsteemit! So, lets dive on in and see what kind of cool stuff the SoCal Steemians have been posting about this week!


Starting us off this week we have a touching post by @denisechips. Showcasing her husband @joechiappetta's artistic talent and his love for his family!

The Love Lasts Forever, Even if the Drawing Does Not



Up next we have an introspective and slightly surreal post from @inalittlewhile who writes about being on the open ocean. And the thoughts and feelings you can experience out there.

Can't Think Of A Better Place To Be - Than On A Boat Fishing In The Sea



In our third post this week @kilbride does a #freewrite with the prompt "skinny". And she delivers a very well written and thought provoking poem.

#freewrite - Skinny



In our next featured post @zetetrahedron369 shows us her book collection and the stack of books she's currently working on. Then she tells us a bit about the book she's currently reading, which sounds incredibly interesting!

What I have been reading recently - June 2018



Last but not least in this weeks spotlight @rt395 takes us with him on a fun adventure in Utah where he got to check out some really cool petroglyphs and fossilized dinosaur tracks! Be sure to keep your eye out for part two of this adventure!

Destination Unknown P1 - Petroglyphs And Dinosaur Tracks In Utah


And that's gonna do it for week 15 of the SoCal spotlight! If you enjoyed these posts please give them an upvote and be sure to check out ALL the awesome posts at #socalsteemit!!



#SoCalSteemit is building and supporting the Steemit community of Southern California. If you are from SoCal and are into creating quality content here on Steemit, we'd love for you to follow us @SoCalSteemit and join our group on Discord

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Wow, thanks for the feature and for your consistent work in helping us all to get to know our fellow SoCal friends 😊

I am honored to be featured here with my wife. Thanks so much!!!

Thank you and love the other posts!

Thank you for the mention! I hope to meet ya'll at a local SteemIt meet up sometime. :)

Upvoted and resteemed.


We look forward to meeting you! I'm sure we'll be planning another meetup here soon.

Great posts everyone!


Hey @rt395 I was wondering if you have a rock tumbler or have any opinions about getting one? I was thinking maybe I should get one. The guy that gave me that Agate told me if I tumble it I should be able to see more of the bands in it (I cans see them pretty good on one side already).


Yes, I have a dual drum tumbler. Harbor Freight. They sell single drum tumblers too.

It takes a couple of weeks to tumble stones from start to finish, but totally worth it.