First snow — Steemit

First snow

in snow •  29 days ago


Wuuut it just started snowing. What fitting weather on this crypto winter day

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Here is the same spot a few days ago:


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nice snow...have so fun with that

Everything turns white when it's cold like this, hot weather is very missed.😂

Congratulations on the first snow

Поздравляю с первым снегом

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we won. I had snow for 14 days ago. But everything has disapeared


I had snow over a month ago 😅

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Where are you at? Let's hope it doesn't melt fast!

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It looks like you have a very determined squirrel. I imagine the bird feeder was designed so that squirrels couldn't use it, but he's still perched on that little wire like he's actually a bird. Good for him for getting fed. Ha ha. I wonder if that's why it appears empty in the snow shot.

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