Cryptosnek.....Because Meow! Sssssssssuper adorable!

in #snek3 years ago

Snek: "What the heck are those?"

Poetic: "Cryptokitties snek"

Snek: "Well I'll be knotted in a apples! I dunno like themsssss! 

Poetic: "And why? You are just as cute! "

Snek: And that's why you should get your lazy bumbum to work and create Cryptosnekkiesss...

Poetic: "(&*^^%%$#@$#$#$%%%%^BEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP"

Sometimes you have to listen to your innersnek and become what ever the apple you want to be! One day I am a snek and the next I am CryptoSNEK! 

You can't collect me because I am only one! 


I cuddle like a pro..... Super super cuddle pro

A bit to hard at times but you won't notice ....

Because you will be busy enough to figure out where and how I stole all your food, apples and socks! 

I am flipping adorable! YOUR argument is invalid! 

My name is Snekky, a creative sock and dreaming snake!
A wandering soul searching for new paths to walk on!
If you like my videos, ramblings and color please push the follow button!
If you want to give me apples, please reply!
If you fell in love, resteem is the answer! :D

Have a slithering mighty fine wonderful day


We are all "A wandering soul searching for new paths to walk on!" ... thanks again for thisssss marvelousssss postssssst! :) Upvoted happily! :)

I like your beautiful and hard work!!
A M A Z I N G..!! Resteem now ..!!!

Great post..I really like your cryptosnek and it really fun to read it..@poeticsnake

good work Thanks for sharing ♥ I support you

I want to cuddle her! Hands apple over! Upvoted :)

crypto snek is funny.

Hey @poeticsnake, Such a powerful story of Cryptosnekkitties. You wrote there with fun indeed. Totally inspiration me there.
Wow...Just awesome.

Very good and outstanding hard work @poetissnake.
Funny and awesome story tailing post.
Nice to decided share steemit community.

Powerful thinking snekky. Absolutely perfect post. You've get most attraction here. Sure....
Thanks for sharing hardworking project.

zoals steeds een super leuke post, groeten

very good work do not forget divotes yes.

I hope you can work me through.. Ive been seeing many kitty here and ive love to learn them.

Anxiously waiting for the cyptosnekie sing-a-long

Nice post @poeticsnake I love to read it 😊😊😊

Great creator @poeticsnake you always make me happy and feel relax after i saw your post .
Much appreciate your work.
You are the best writer......
Thanks for sharing this super blog

Stay blessed
Steem on!

Okay, so I just died a little bit inside, in all the right non-creepy ways... just sayin', Snekky now owns a piece of my heart. That is all. You now haz follow by me.

P.S. my 8 year old son is in love and now wants a crypto snekkie. Wishes they were for realz. He is very sad that he cannot have one and cuddle one

Snek: "What the heck are those?"

Poetic: "Cryptokitties snek"
:) You make me laugh Thanks. Resteemed, upvoted.

lol, that was funny. CryptoSNEK! It is so cute :)

Have a wonderful day!

I lagged out yesterday and had to leave early, but Thank you for making me lough, great idea and looks like you got yourself an amazing, lovely and dangerous companion :) Thanks for sharing, Steem on!

he he I enjoyed your dialogue :)

Got to love Snek kitties :)

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