The Journey of My Fiction Writing World : Sndbox Summer Camp Writing - Task 1

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Hi guys, how are you? It is encouraging that @Sndbox is re-organizing its membership recruitment. Actually it is not the first time I am here, it is the third times I tried to follow this contest, but that is ok. Having twice before participated in this event, and still has not succeeded, it does not discourage me to try this opportunity again. Thank you very much to @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for the opportunity you returned to us. Hopefully we can also provide the best.

Actually I feel a bit hesitate to follow it this time, considering I am doing an art as traditional dance choreographer now, so almost all of my focus is poured there. However, I think it will be very loss if this time I miss this opportunity to be the sndbox member. Moreover the theme is something I really interest from long time ago; the writing world.

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Well, let's start with "I love writing". i love to write many things that come to my mind. it can be the feelings i felt or the imagination i imagine. Sometimes the imaginations play inside my head at night until it make me hard to sleep. They will continue to be there until I have to open my laptop or smart phone just to write the points there. The imaginations are as if they do not want to be forgotten tomorrow if I continue my sleep that night. They seemed afraid of fading because of the dreams that might come to my sleep.

I remember I started liking this writing world since I was elementary school. It was starting with my interest in the reading world, of course. I love to read books of any story, whether fiction or stories that are lifted from the real stories. The school library had always been my favorite. And I loved it when the weekends came, because then my mom would buy me my favorite magazine; Bobo. There were so many short and serial stories there. So, many of imaginations of mine came up from the readings I read.

I also remember, I used to come too early to the school to have my time in the library before the bell rang. There was always a book I really want to read. I think I had finished the entire stories book in that library for the past six years I was there. Besides, that was not a big library, just a small library with a room measuring 3m x 4m, but I was happy to spend my morning time there. At that moment, I even knew where the library keys were stored, and the teachers had trusted me to pick up the library keys and open it by myself every morning.

Because I often do my reading, I also want to write my own story. The story world was like hypnotizing me; I started getting crazy about it. Indeed, reading and writing cannot be separated. In order to have a good quality of words, we do need to read a lot. That’s what I experienced. Reading and writing are being into one package that I really love.
Since elementary school, I started writing diaries, pouring out my feelings there. There was a time when I felt I had to write it down, so that the upheaval could be overcome well. Although my writing was still very stiff, I was not too care and concerned about that. As long as I felt calm after I did that, I was happy. I keep writing diaries until I grow up. The diary book is always there and being a witness to the journey of my life. In frequently I read again my old writings, and take the lessons from past events that I experienced. It really helps me in solving the problems I'm facing right now.


In high school I was active in a writing forum called FLP; Forum Lingkar Pena. There we were asked to make two posts per week. I remember once time ago, FLP Sigli (Sigli is the city where I live) held a writing seminar with the keynote speaker was one of the famous writers in Indonesia. On the second day of the seminar, we were asked to collect a fictional piece of writing that we wrote, and then she selected the best and the worst three writings without mentioning the author's name to be discussed and corrected in the forum. I am very happy when my writing was selected to be one of the best writings, and I got lots of positive comments. Moreover, at that time there were also some suggestions given that made my writing could be even better.

Although initially no one knew it was a copy of my story, but somehow eventually many people came to me and borrowed it, even my seniors at the school did it. Unfortunately the story that I print on the papers finally disappeared because I do not know who was the last one borrow it.

When I was in college, I rarely wrote fiction stories like I used to do, and then I started off from FLP. I was preoccupied with activities on campus. However, I never missed to write my life stories in the diary. Occasionally, the longing to write fiction often appears, but I began to write to serve as a theater scenario, because at that time I began to be active in an art organization on the campus. I'm so happy when every story I wrote could be perform on stage.

That is why the theme of SNDBOX this time is a very extraordinary interesting moment for me and will be very unfortunate if I miss it. I feel that my previous unsuccessfulness of sndbox contests is because I have to meet the theme this time. I need to be a member of this @sndbox because i want my "voice" in this story World will be heard again. moreover, I also need to help those people who also Love this "world" and make people consider that we need to build up our imagination in this life in order tho make our life better. Imagine more, dream more, and do our creativity more.
Hopefully my participation this time can give the best result.

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